Some Of My Favorites… Sharp Task Lamps!

Some of my favorites. I am an inspired individual. I love to leaf through magazines, search catalogs and scour the Internet in search of just the right piece. Whatever it may be that I’m looking for. Often I/we (my husband and I) run into fabulous things that we absolutely love. We keep these things on a list if they one day fit into what we need/the look we’re going for, etc. I think it’s a good thing that we don’t buy what we want when we want it, because when we look back over our lists, things that we loved (usually related to home, like furniture, lighting, bedding, etc.) at one time are not things that we still love now. Whew! Let me also point out that I realize that THINGS are just things. They can be replaced. So when I say “I love” this or that, I am mindful that they are just things, but things that make a house a home 🙂

I spend a lot of time researching a variety of subjects, for myself and for others. I’m quite good at it 😉 and love to do it. I figured I would start sharing with you some of my findings along with links where to buy or other pertinent information. I will share that info with you because there is nothing more frustrating than finding an article with the perfect whatever (chair, sofa, paint color, wallpaper, etc.) that you were looking for only to have no references, no source, no idea who/what/when/where. Frustrating!

So you will occasionally see these posts… If you have a suggestion, I am happy to check it out when time permits!

This week… Task Lamps!

I love lamps, well… all lighting actually. I have grown up always looking at lamps, they can make a room go from blah to WOW! The prices can range from inexpensive to whoa! The lamps below are reasonable, and one is inexpensive… These are a few that have been on my radar lately…. These all happen to be task lamps, which means they’re good for seeing what you’re working on/reading. Each of these lamps adds style to whatever your setting may be.

Tolomeo Classic LED w/Motion Sensor Table Aluminum


The Tolomeo is a sharp looking task light with some cool features, no doubt you’ve seen this lamp appear on many TV shows/movies. It’s a classic modern task lamp that comes in a range of sizes.  I’ve had my eye on this lamp for decades!  The table lamps now come with motion sensors, so when no movement is detected for 12 minutes the light turns off.  Which is nice… you can read in bed, fall asleep and not have to reach for the lamp once you wake to realize you fell asleep! There are many different sizes and styles of this lamp, all are wonderful!

Schoolhouse Studio Desk Lamp – Factory White


Everything from Schoolhouse is stunning and unique. I can look at their website for hours and dream… I have pulled this lamp up on my computer many times. I love the fabric cord, the rocker switch. As they describe this lamp, it “offers a Schoolhouse spin on a classic mid-century modern design” – I couldn’t agree more! All of their products are built to last, which is why you pay a bit more up front, but when you know the quality is there it’s worth it! This lamp is also available in Factory Black and Factory Yellow, which is a bright, fun yellow!

Threshold Task Table Lamp  (Target)


There is a section in Target that I always check out. It has the latest lamps, pillows, etc. I always take a peek at the lamps. This lamp felt solid and has a sharp look. It’s adjustable in three places and was just overall sharp and the absolute best price at $49.99!

Send me an email if there is something in particular you’re looking for (including art!), if I don’t know of a good source/sources – I will find out for you. Just click CONTACT ME at the top of this website.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Some Of My Favorites… Sharp Task Lamps!

  1. Heather Locke

    I loved reading your post this morning! We could have used any one of those lamps when we were at the dining room table doing taxes. The overhead just didn’t do it! A purchase could be in our near future.

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