Wonky But Working After Hurricane Dorian!

As I was about to hit this PUBLISH button yesterday I saw a post come through that I had scheduled! Woohoo, so you were spared my ramblings yesterday, but lucky you, you get it today… hopefully I have internet by now…

From yesterday: I am still not connected to the Internet… so another of my rambling posts. If the problem is at the pole then it can be fixed today, otherwise it’ll be one day in the future.

It’s inconvenient, BUT we have power and if I had to pick one, power will win every time, especially in this heat! So I will happily wait. Especially given what others are without. Homes, power, water, food, FAMILY MEMBERS! Things are still a little wonky here in Charleston. The trees look exhausted, many of the leaves stripped and as I mentioned many large trees and branches snapped off like I have never seen in thirty years.

Many streetlights have blown sideways or over completely. The one pictured is simply facing the wrong direction. No big deal, everything gets fixed in order of priority. Tomorrow… garbage pickup, woohoo, they couldn’t pick up last week because of the evacuation. So this is awesome! #itsthelittlethings

Charleston is getting cleaned up and will be for a while, but soon we will be back to normal!

Update! Internet cables restrung and restored by 9:27AM – thank you to the nice man who fixed it! Back in business!! #feelinfancy


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