The New Reality…


I want to share with you a new page  (see orange box above) on my website, ARTFOODHOME.COM – it’s my daily thoughts as we go through this era of life with a virus called Novel Coronavirus (Covid 19) – This isn’t a website to share facts about statistics or health information, it’s my thoughts as we go day to day. I’m trying to remain positive. I pray we all get through this together…

To save this site so you can easily access it again – you can visit and then click on The New Reality (as shown above).

Or visit THE NEW REALITY (click that link) and then add it home screen or bookmark it on your iPhone or iPad by clicking this symbol:

Then select Add to Home Screen where you will see it on your device. You can also save to your Home Screen and then just click on The New Reality link as shown above…

Hope this helps! Message me or comment if you have any questions. I’m probably as clear as mud right now…🙄

#staysafe #stayhome


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