Vivacious Day Lilies!

T h e y  m a k e  y o u  s m i l e , d o n ‘ t  t h e y ?

Day Lilies… in all their beautiful yellowness are a symbol of happiness and cheer. I have them outside of my window, and when I look out in the morning, they are so happy – they start my day out the right way… with a smile!

What do you have in your yard that makes you smile? Have you been “Pandemic Planting”? I have seen many raised garden beds go up around here – they’re beautiful, and I’m sure they will be plentiful! We haven’t ventured out to a garden or big box store – so we haven’t given it a whirl. I did try re-growing green onions which was pretty cool (and oh so fast) as well as the celery (which is now outside and is one of the healthiest plants I have ever seen)!

We all do what we do to get through things. Hopefully, I will be prepared for a garden maybe next year?? Who knows?

Stay safe, stay well and stay #alonetogether

🔆Note: this post was written on Day #1 with the @wordpress new format “block editor”. Normally I jump right in to learn new things. Right now I just don’t have time. But I did it… it appears there are one million clicks to get something done vs. ten. Hopefully this will get better over time. It’s a learning curve… #itsgoodforyourbrain #doyousmellsmoke 😉😉

✍️ Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Vivacious Day Lilies!

    1. I bet it’s beautiful!! We haven’t gotten out yet… my celery is looking STUNNING – so if you’ve never tried regrowing celery, I highly recommend. Ha ha, it’s a pretty plant. I’ve pulled weeds often during this time… that’s a stress reliever as well!


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