Dad’s Roses – A Favorite!

Dad’s Roses

My Dad grows the most amazing flowers, his roses are no exception. My parents live in Michigan, a much different climate than South Carolina. Dad’s STUNNING roses are peppered around the perimeter of the yard. I end up leaving with 1,000 photos of river, marsh, flowers and a few of people, sigh. Next time, I’m getting good photos of EVERYONE! I try each time, but no one pays attention, ha ha… #soon

My Mom has the sweetest little vases which are like the cherry-on-top… they absolutely make the room look stunning! She’ll have nasturtiums in some (a favorite of mine). In the bedroom and living room she usually has a vase of roses, so pretty and they smell so good! I look forward to seeing those!

They have a cool black table, and I will clear it off and set different flowers to get that black background, hehe… I snap photos and then I put everything back where I got it. Makes me happy.

Roses are resilient or at least they seem to be. The roses next to my bed will last my entire visit. Such a nice touch! I remember telling my dad years ago that we planted roses (here in Charleston), he sent me a book… there IS an art to doing it the right way. I didn’t have his touch, or the time to figure it out. I will again, one day!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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