Featured Artist: Amy Brnger!

Summer Interior by Amy Brnger (SOLD) 24×36 Oil/Panel

Amy Brnger! Wow paintings… one stunning painting after another. Amy has a wonderful website, full of information. I’ve included links to everything, be sure to check out the workshops! I think you will absolutely LOVE her paintings, I know I do!

I am a big fan of interiors. I love how Amy’s interiors look REAL and not staged or perfect, but more like a glimpse into someone’s life. Summer Interior is absolute perfection. I love the light coming through the blinds and the way the shades are a little wonky and not perfect. It’s like someone actually uses this space. It’s far more interesting than a perfectly set up room (to me). If you’re interested in interiors keep an eye on Amy’s website, if you’re interested in painting interiors, Amy has a workshop coming up, see below!

Floral paintings with such beautiful colors, shapes, light and shadows. These paintings will make you smile. Note that there are original paintings, as well as note cards, etc. so be sure to click on SHOP to see everything!


If you’re looking to take a workshop, Amy has a great selection to choose from…

🔗Online Workshops: These are private, online workshops (via Zoom) – these workshops range from florals to interiors to art business… It’s so nice to be in the comfort of your own space with all your supplies on hand.

🔗Traveling Workshops: Umbria, Italy! This is a one week workshop in a stunning location. Read more about it via the link provided. Check out Winslow Art Center’s Instagrams

Website  |  Blog  | Paintings | Instagram


I have painted still life, flowers, and landscape for as long as I have been an artist.  The three genres have always interested me, mainly because I use nature as a vehicle, or an excuse, to paint, and I enjoy painting places and things in which I am familiar or curious. With my interiors, still life and landscape are often paired together, as both influence one another equally, in my mind.  These subjects are strongly related, since the kinds of still life objects I often choose to paint are themselves directly derived from the landscape: flowers; leaves; fruits and vegetables; bird’s nests, etc. I also enjoy painting flowers and food on their own.  All images are painted rapidly, in an effort to capture the changing nature of organic forms.

My landscape paintings are also a way to record and enjoy the region where I reside.   The seacoast region is made up of varying vistas: small neighborhoods; cities; towns; woods; some beautiful and some ugly.   My world is representative of many similar places in the United States, yet it is special to me.   I enjoy being outside and painting, whatever the image, as I am immersed with the places in which I am most familiar.


✍️ Until next time!

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