Afternoon walk…

Oh, the sights we see when out walking! Of course, if I forget my phone there will be a phenomenal sunrise/sunset or a setting so perfect for a great photo and BAM… phone is at home. I rarely forget it, so I’m always armed to take a good shot – like above, this bird was posing… strutting… I stayed on the road, and left him (or her?) his own territory.

The marsh rises and falls with the tide. The grasses change with the seasons and the weather. Many trees dramatically hang over the water, like something you would see from days gone by. Charleston, SC is a city rich in history and plenty of beautiful water views. The city has changed a lot – many new large apartment buildings everywhere – it’s concerning for the wildlife when beautiful areas are bulldozed and built upon. I’m just curious how anyone is going to get anywhere soon? Traffic is a challenge now, but add a lot more people and? There must be a plan – I hope. Evacuating for a hurricane has never been a party. Our last evacuation was Hurricane Floyd – went to Charlotte, NC – took over ten hours for a three hour trip and we were very fortunate. We had a map, a paper map in the glovebox… #gofigure I have nightmares about that trip, and have heard of so many horror stories of people stuck on the interstate with no gas, etc. It was taking people over 2 hours to get to the interstate a few miles away. So I cannot imagine what it will be like with many, many more people?

I’m not sure how this turned into a hurricane post? Haha… Scroll back up, look at the photo, breathe in, breathe out… that’s better 😉

✍️ You made it to the weekend, which is fabulous if you don’t have to work (or if you love your job!) Enjoy your weekend (or your days off)- Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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