October Weather – IN LOVE!

Most of us have a certain type of weather that we adore (or at least prefer). The weather lately has been out of control beautiful! After months of warm and humid – cool and crisp is a welcome relief! Exhilarating! Pretty photo and nice pop of color (flower & butterfly)🧡 taken on a weekend outing.

Although its been warm and humid in Charleston, SC this past summer, we really cannot complain. Although we had plenty of sweltering days, we had more days that were lovely than ever before. Watching the news it was often warmer in the NE part of the country. How bizarre is that? I joked with a friend back in the spring that it sounds like the south is the “new north” in terms of summer weather. He didn’t believe me until this summer. At least they get really good breaks from humidity which helps tremendously, still… we cannot complain.

I love the switch from summer to fall (and on into winter), the difference in the sky at sunset, the clouds, the light – all magnificent! Soon we will be having outdoor fires around the fire pit – woohoo, cannot wait!

What’s your favorite time of year? Alert: Stock up on your Halloween candy now – last year we waited so we wouldn’t eat it and it was traumatic, haha. We are stocked up this year. I hid the bag – 🙏 I remember where on 🎃👻, haha.

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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