Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Make this year the best year ever!

Happy New Year, 2023! Can you believe we just keep flying through the years? No matter what’s going on in the world, let’s all try to make this year the best year ever. Not only for ourselves, but for each other as well. Life presents us with paths to follow, we just have to make the right choice at the time. We’re all just trying our best, right?

Here’s to following the right path, making good decisions – no matter what they may be. Cheers! Whether it be with coffee or a glass of wine, may you all experience the best year of your life, and may you have the power to help others reach their potential.

Artfoodhome.com is all about showcasing people and putting them in the spotlight. From artists (so many wonderful artists) to recipe writers who amaze me with the fabulous recipes they come up with, to architects and designers of the most amazing house plans – it’s always fun to give a shout out to others. Everyone deserves their time to shine. I just like to help point you in their direction.

I started this blog on 1/11/2011 (actually started writing the first post on New Year’s Eve, 2010). So here starts year TWELVE of this blog. I can’t believe I wrote it daily for so many years. A few years ago I backed off to four days/week. Whew, that helped!

Wishing each of you success, happiness, love, healthy, smiles, giggles, peace and prosperity for 2023!

🎉Happy New Year 2023🎉


6 thoughts on “Wishes for a Happy New Year!

  1. Teresa Williams

    Happy New Year, to you and Fred! Have been reading for awhile, but hadn’t commented. Love your blog, art, recipes, views of Chas. Miss you guys! Love, your previous neighbor, Teresa

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