CFADA Fine Art Weekend Photo: Mark Horton

I love Charleston Fine Art Dealers (CFADA) weekend… specifically the first Saturday in November. Watching these amazing artists paint is always a treat! There was a nice turnout. I packed my camera and off we went, headed downtown… ran into several road blocks, there was a run in town that had streets blocked off. Eventually we made it… we jumped out of the car, camera in hand and headed to Washington Park. I turned my camera on, ready to snap away, and what did I see?

B A T T E R Y  E X H A U S T E D ! 


Ok, next I resorted to my Blackberry. I was so disappointed not to get the photos that I wanted. Fred offered to go home and get my spare battery (WHY didn’t I put that in the camera bag??!!). But we made do… so here’s the first photo… Mark Horton, from Horton Hayes Gallery in Charleston, SC, painting away. Effortless. Or at least it appears that way. I don’t suppose you can look like you paint effortlessly unless you do a heck of a lot of painting!

Great work Mark! Next year… I will have ALL my batteries!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


CFADA Fine Art Weekend begins TONIGHT in Charleston, SC!

Laurie Meyer at CFADA painting in the park… Charleston, SC 2011
Laurie Meyer at CFADA painting in the park… Charleston, SC 2011

This weekend is one of my favorites. It’s Charleston Fine Art Dealers Association (CFADA) Fine Art Weekend here in Charleston, SC!
Tonight you can visit the galleries, meet both the local and visiting artists and tomorrow, ahhhh, tomorrow…!

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 3rd) you can watch them paint from 9AM until Noon in Washington Park. Nothing gives me greater joy than to watch an artist I admire paint a fabulous painting while I’m standing there with a cup of coffee in my hand, hee hee… It amazes me how everyone approaches a painting differently, yet they all end up so wonderful! I just cannot wait!

Paintings will be auctioned off Saturday night and  benefits go towards helping local schools provide art supplies…

Hey! Maybe I’ll see you there? I’ll be one of the ones with a camera around my neck! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Charleston’s Fine Art Weekend and a fine example… the Wentworth Mansion by Jennifer Smith Rogers!

"Wentworth Mansion" by Jennifer Smith Rogers Image: Smith Killian

Are you an art lover? An artist? A collector, or just someone who loves to watch an artist paint? Well, this weekend is for you! It’s my favorite time of year, for many reasons… cooler weather, cooking and baking, and yes, CFADA’s (Charleston Fine Art Dealer’s Association) Fine Art Walk… The art walk is Friday night, watching the artists paint is Saturday morning… and I. LOVE. THAT. It never fails to amaze me. We are very fortunate to have such a strong and successful art community here in Charleston! Here are the details… if you see something you love you can bid on it Saturday night, all the money goes towards helping to fund ten high school art programs! Here are the details:

Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association

13th Fine Art Annual.  November 2, 4-5.

Friday night join us for gallery receptions followed by 20 artists painting plein air
Saturday morning 9am-12pm in Washington Park ( at Broad and Meeting Streets ) Art competition from the local high schools will also take place.
Saturday evening 6:30-8:30, at Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art;

58 Broad St.  Meet and greet the plein air painters and bid on works
completed that morning.

Proceeds will go to fund ten local high school art programs of which

CFADA has contributed $180,000 over the last seven years.

TICKETS $55 can be purchased online at

AND, check out Jennifer Smith Rogers new painting WENTWORTH MANSION… love it! Go see her work at Smith Killian ( for those of you not in Charleston)! Whoa! See you at the art walk… catch you back here tomorrow!