Featured Artist… Colley Whisson!

A Timeless Moment, GA • 10x07

A Timeless Moment by Colley Whisson [image]

Colley Whisson. Amazing painter of light. Incredible light… I love his brushstrokes, some chiseled, they add great interest to the painting… Colley is from Australia, but does show in one gallery in the states, the Leiper’s Creek Gallery. He also has a fabulous website and blog

ColleyWhisson A Quiet Corner Tasmania DavidHartGalleries

A Quiet Corner by Colley Whisson – [image]

I am drawn to paintings of windows… and interiors, so when a painting has both… woohoo! It’s funny how a few things pop out at me that make me instantly adore this piece… the thin window panes, the shadows of the panes against the wall, the outside…  There is another on his website that I find absolutely amazing… check it out, it’s called Sunlit Moment… am I right??!! Even the little thin bits of light on the gold frames hanging on the wall… WOW!

Read a blip about Colley from Leiper’s Creek Gallery in Franklin, TN:

Colley Whisson was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1966. He grew up in semi rural surrounds which gave him an appreciation for nature and the outdoors, enjoying every opportunity he had been given to study and appreciate its nuances. In 1985 he had a brief stint as a picture framer which now looking back upon was an excellent introduction to the art world as a young adult.

After giving him all the necessary fundamentals required in becoming an artist his father Eric encouraged and guided his early artistic direction.

Colley has long believed “It’s not what you paint but how you paint it”. With this in the fore-front of his mind he dedicated himself to developing his skills to the highest level possible. Colley’s aim is to tell a visual story with clarity and sophistication but he is also driven to distort and abstract the image as much as possible while still maintaining a realistic image. Being in high demand to hold exhibitions, tutoring appointments, judging and demonstrations in Australia and abroad, he looks forward and relished every opportunity. He is happy to carry the tag as one of Australia’s finest young Impressionist painter’s. With books, magazine articles and demonstration DVD’s to his credit he feels that he has begun to make his mark in the Art World.

Colley aims to share his knowledge and joy of painting with like-minded artist’s world-wide. Throughout his career he has been blessed to be able to share this wonderful artistic journey with his wife and two young sons.

This journey is ongoing and he looks forward to each time he returns to his easel.

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Featured Artist… Paula Frizbe!

AtTheLakeHouse PaulaFrizbe fb

“At the Lake House” by Paula Frizbe

Paula has such a great style. I especially like this painting, called “At the Lake House” – what a dream, eh? Oh, the color of the water, the lake house, and that TREE with it’s quirky whimsical branches. This is a wonderful painting!

Paula has many more, be sure to stop by her website if you get a chance! I see that Paula is a member of Plein Air Painters of the Southeast. They also have a great Facebook page if you’re interested!

Here’s a blip about Paula from the Leiper’s Creek Gallery, located in Franklin, TN:

Paula Frizbe has been a professional oil painter for over a decade. Her career in the arts spans almost 30 years. Her professional career has afforded her painting opportunities throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. She is a signature member of The Cumberland Society of Painters, Alla Prima International and Plein-Air Painter’s of the Southeast. Her work is owned by numerous private and corporate collectors. She is currently represented by several galleries in five states in the south and southeast.
“To me, the whole idea of painting is to respond to and then convey to others my view of the world around me. I find no pleasure in reinventing the world, nor seek a self-fulfilling inward gaze. My joy comes from the pure thrill of adventure. 
The world is infinitely complex. The continual hunt for and then surprise finding of her mysteries is my sole motivation.” 
Paula Frizbe — Artist statement

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