Featured Artist… Margaret Lawrence!

MargaretLawrence MiddayOnThePond Greenhut

Midday On The Pond by Margaret Lawrence – Image: Greenhut Galleries

Margaret has some fantastically serene paintings. Each is different yet all instill a sense of calm. I like that. The world is hectic enough, it’s nice to look at something and say “ahhhhhh”.

Reading Margaret’s bio, it looks like she was a nurse (or still is?), then studied photography and painting… well done Margaret, your paintings have such interest. They are utterly amazing!

A blip about Margaret from the Greenhut Galleries website:

Inspired by nature and the energy and mystery of the life cycle, my paintings are developed by removing paint as much as by applying it.

Through the give and take of the paint an image emerges that tells a story or marks time.

Catch you back here tomorrow!