Making a Tuna Melt Quesadilla!

Tuna Melt Quesadilla, Homemade Cole Slaw and Tortilla Chips

Wow! This is so much better than it sounds, trust me! We used to get a tuna melt at a restaurant (they stopped carrying it) – it came with slaw that had a sesame taste to it… it was delicious, and it was HUGE, we would usually split it along with a salad. We have been eating at home since early March because of Covid19. We did pick up some carryout for my birthday last week and it was fabulous. I’m trying to think of things to make that are different – I can get stuck in a rut recipe-wise. THIS IS AMAZING!

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Oven Fried Shrimp

Do you ever get in a rut with what you make for dinner? Revert to the same few recipes? We both were in the mood for shrimp, and I’ve made many shrimp recipes, but none were sounding as good as fried shrimp sounded. I’m not a fryer. So I didn’t want to fry shrimp… so I Googled (I have no idea how I survived pre-Google!) – a recipe popped up from Williams-Sonoma for Oven Fried Shrimp and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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Game Day Recipe Favorite! Tortilla Cheddar Rollups!

Let me start by saying… when you make this appetizer, be sure to have the recipe handy to pass along to others. It’s a favorite of so many! I asked a co-worker to share this with me probably twenty years ago. This a great appetizer to make for “game day” – the big Super Bowl game is coming soon and if you want something fabulous and something you can prepare the night before – look no further! Now… on to the recipe! Continue reading “Game Day Recipe Favorite! Tortilla Cheddar Rollups!”

Recipe: Brown Rice with Mushrooms and Spinach – the perfect side dish!

Brown Rice with Mushrooms & Spinach

I posted a recipe that Samantha’s mom (*read story below) shared with the group for Artichoke Chicken (originally from, and WOW – is it ever an amazing and very easy recipe. This is the perfect side dish to go along with it. This recipe comes together quickly, thanks to Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice found in the freezer section. Approximately three servings and three minutes in the microwave. Toss with the mixture below, and WELLA! The nuttiness of the brown rice and mushrooms are a perfect combination! Continue reading “Recipe: Brown Rice with Mushrooms and Spinach – the perfect side dish!”

Roasted Turkey Breast – Perfect for a sandwich!

Roasted Turkey Breast. Wow. Minimal effort and you have turkey for several days! Sandwiches, salads or by itself, and it couldn’t be easier! During warm months, like now, you can easily make this in the morning, let it cool and refrigerate – keeping the house cooler when things heat up. Continue reading “Roasted Turkey Breast – Perfect for a sandwich!”