2022: The Year of Abundant Asparagus!

Asparagus, so much asparagus!

Asparagus. As a kid I never liked asparagus. Maybe because they were mushy (canned)? I’ve never been a fan of cooked-to-death veggies. I love a crunch. So I’m good with them cooked as little as possible (unlike meat – right or wrong, I go in the opposite direction there – I like meat cooked)! Never in my life have I eaten as much asparagus as I did this year…

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Cajun Pork Chops with Cheesy Polenta and Asparagus… WOW!

Cajun Porkchops with Cheesy Polenta and Asparagus

Recipe Reminder: I saw this recipe was posted on my social media last year. Last March, I mentioned how FABULOUS the asparagus was, and I remember this recipe. It was beyond fabulous! Recipe is from Eating Well magazine – so it’s a health conscious recipe. #winwin The combination of flavors is incredible and this comes together surprisingly fast.

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Recipe Reminder: Making BBQ Sauce (Grilled Chicken and Corn)!

Oooh! Making BBQ sauce is SO worth your time. It doesn’t take long and your house will smell divine while it’s cooking! I divide it into 1/4 or 1/3 cup increments and put in freezer bags! That works well for 2 chicken breasts.

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