Recipe Reminder: Quinoa, Roasted Veg, Dried Cranberry BOWL!

Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa Bowl with Cranberries, Nuts and Bleu Cheese

Through the end of the month I’m posting recipe reminders, recipes that I’ve posted in the past, but unless you search, or scroll through the years (daily blog since 1/1/11) – you may miss some of these fabulous recipes.

“Bowls” (a meal served in a bowl) are all the rage right now. We have several go to “bowls” that we love – This is a dish I came up with after Thanksgiving, something lighter with a healthy twist. Something without meat… The turkey was good, but it’s time to reset.

The fresh kale, quickly sautéed – along with the quinoa, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and dab of bleu cheese was so satisfying!

Click HERE for a link to the original post with the recipe (you can print the recipe from that page)!

Enjoy! What do you like to eat after Thanksgiving? Catch you back here tomorrow!




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