Introducing House Plan Thursday! Coastal Living House Plan SL 593 – whoa!


Coastal Living House Plan SL-593

House Plans. Fred and I have looked at house plans since we’ve met. Matter-of-fact one of our first dates was a home tour… we’ve always loved design, furniture, and great homes… We have an LL Bean bag that is our “filing cabinet”. Fred has safely tucked away so many wonderful house plans that it boggles the mind. Every once in a while we pull it out and dream. Oh, the possibilities! Our affinity for house plans is the reason I’ve decided to make Thursday’s posts all about house plans… I’ll feature a new one each week… there are some great ones out there, and I might as well pass along the oh-so-great-ones to you!

Coastal Living has some fabulous plans. We’ve always loved the magazine, and have loved the cottage style, so there are many choices!

This plan, the SL-593 is larger than most of the ones we have in our stash. I love this layout. It’s smart and efficient. It’s SO worth going to the link below to see the actual house with photos of each room, it gives you a better idea…

Well, let me show you… here’s the first floor. I love how it has a separate guest cottage. Separate, but attached via a nice screened porch. So the master is off to one side and the guest cottage is private yet close by. A win-win for anyone who stays the night! Our current layout has the guest room right next to the master bedroom. There isn’t much privacy, which is OK, but I would prefer my own guest cottage, ha ha…. how sweet is that? I also love the open floor plan. We aren’t formal dining room people. It’s nice to have everything together in one nice open space.

HousePlan SL-593 FF CoastalLivng

Here’s a glimpse of the second floor. The guest cottage has a little loft area, which is really neat. The upstairs of the house has two bedrooms and a bathroom. I would probably reconfigure that somewhat… we don’t need two guest rooms and a guest cottage. I like the area for storage (much needed). A space for the treadmill, and maybe a room for art? Hmmm… See how fun this is…?

House Plan SL593 SF CoastalLvng

This plan is 2612 square feet. (Which is gigantic for us)… but fun to play with! This is the COTTAGE OF THE YEAR…. click HERE to go directly to this plan, it shows you the finished home, as well as interior shots and it is AH-MAZING!

Catch you back here tomorrow!