Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World and the Olson House at the Farnsworth Museum!

A Wyeth study for Christina's World -

Something I wouldn’t miss for the world if I were in the area! (Info from

June 11, 2011 – October 30, 2011
The Wyeth Center

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Farnsworth’s acquisition of the Olson House, scheduled in 2011 to be named a National Historic Landmark, this exhibition features approximately fifty watercolors and drawings depicting Alvaro and Christina Olson and the Cushing, Maine house in which they lived. The focus is on Alvaro’s and Christina’s lives at what has become known as the Olson House, seen through the eyes of Andrew Wyeth. The works wil not only include interior and exterior views of the house and the surrounding land, memorialized in Wyeth’s iconic painting Christina’s World (which hangs at the Museum of Modern Art and will not be a part of this exhibition,) but also twelve preparatory drawings and drafts of the famed work. All the works, with the exception of a select group from the Farnsworth, are from the collection of the Marunuma Art Park in Asaka, Japan. These works have rarely been seen in the United States.
Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World and the Olson House is organized by Farnsworth Chief Curator Michael K. Komanecky with a fully illustrated catalogue published by the Farnsworth Art Museum.

This exhibition has been made possible in part through the generous support of the following lead sponsors: Tina and Joe Pyne; Arete Foundation/Betsy and Ed Cohen. Additional exhibition support was provided by Mr. Richard Gilder and Ms. Lois Chiles; Mrs. F. Eugene Dixon; Mr. and Mrs. George Twigg III.

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Portrait of Andrew Wyeth sells for $2.4 million


This 1969 painting “Portrait of Andrew Wyeth” , by his son Jamie Wyeth sold for $2.4 million at an auction that benefitted the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine. The auction was December 2010, so this isn’t late breaking news, but then again, I’m not CNN… 🙂

Interesting story, and I’m sure the Farnsworth Art Museum appreciates it! Now THAT’S a cool place!

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Wyeth’s “Homer”


Fred and I were in Maine, we were at a bakery across from the Farnsworth Museum when we spotted this poster in the window entitled “Homer” by artist JAMIE WYETH. It was shortly after our Jack Russell Terrier (JRT), Reginald,  passed away after 14.5 years. We missed him. He was a smooth coat JRT unlike Homer. But this painting was a reminder of his spirit. We don’t usually buy posters, but this one we had to have… the little guy has such spunk. Now we have a rough coat JRT (“Charlie”) who looks amazingly like this painting, except that his face is half light and half dark. He’s a trip! Jamie did such an awesome job of catching every nuance of this breed of dog.

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