Artist to watch… KEN DEWAARD

An artist friend of ours told us about an artist friend of his.


My husband surprised me last year with a painting and said that he was a great guy to deal with. Oh, what a GREAT surprise! I loved the panting and I LOVE IT WHEN ARTISTS ARE NICE! I don’t know about you, but if I really like the artist, I want to collect MORE of their work. I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying a painting from an artist who I didn’t admire or at the very least like…  I just really like Ken’s work, the colors, the light… ahhhh.

If you haven’t checked out Ken’s work, do so now! He’s got a great website (ugh, so frustrating when artists websites don’t get updated… BRAVO to those of you who do update regularly, it must be a real challenge to those of you who paint, blog and update websites! It is much appreciated, believe me)!  Check it out!

Until tomorrow… Remember to visit my photo blog at!

2 thoughts on “Artist to watch… KEN DEWAARD

    1. Hey Frank! I absolutely love the colors in this painting! I meant to send you an email after the M Gallery show in Charleston… We were looking forward to meeting you… Ugh, was so sick during that art walk, darn it! next time! Take care and thanks for the comment!


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