Interior with dancing sunlight… | barbara stroud

I think the lines of these chairs are elegant in a casual sort of way. The chair on the left is very old (antique), the chair on the right is newer, both are slipcovered. I think slipcovers are the way to go. We were in NYC one year and stopped in ABC Carpet and Home  (ohmygosh, the most wonderful home store – wow!), and found the fabric on the antique chair.

I snapped this photo hoping to get a little light on the wingback, but I still love it, with the dancing light on the rug, so pretty!

Paintings by Ken DeWaard (top) and David Kasman (bottom)… both are treasures!

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Ken DeWaard Workshop – Charleston, SC – APRIL 17-19, 2015! | barbara stroud

Ken DeWaard. Those of you who know him, love him. Those of you who haven’t met him yet, WILL love him. He is an amazing instructor! He’s very positive and motivating (believe me!). You will learn a lot, this workshop will help you create stronger paintings, and you will also have fun! Ken is an accomplished artist with many awards to his name – this is going to be one fantastic workshop!

Space IS limited, so be sure to not wait until the last minute. Ken is very familiar with all mediums, so all medium and all levels are welcome.

If you know of an artist who may enjoy this workshop, please pass this along! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Paint color for a bright room… need your help!

"Knights Armour" by Olympic
“Knights Armor” by Olympic/Painting by Ken DeWaard

It’s time to change paint color! This room has been the same color for years and years, while virtually every other room in our house has been painted different colors… numerous times. Do we have a problem? Maybe 😉 Something as simple as paint can change a room so much… We’re living with different colors a little at a time… If you have a great color let me know about it! The brownish wall color is KUBA by Ralph Lauren (no longer made). The new darker color is called Knights Armor by Olympic. We were thinking about a gray… not sure if this is too blue gray for us or not… only time will tell… Note: See bottom for important update 😉 from Feb. 7, 2014…


Here it is with the brown cropped out of it… What do you think? We have painted rooms a creamy white… our art work didn’t stand out to us? But we aren’t sure this is THE color… we will most likely go through a few more samples before we find the right one… UPDATE: After living with this for a few days we think that this is too blue and a bit too dark for us… hmmm, not the one… darn it!

View from Living room to Study
View from Living room to Study. Paintings in living room: (over fireplace) Marlee Brown, on the left hand side, upper is Carol Marine and lower is Daniel Corey. Painting in opposite room is Betty Anglin Smith.

Here is the view from the living room (a more updated brown) to the study (the old Kuba color)… so need to pick a color that flows… as well as a color that looks great in a room that gets bright sun…

Painting by Ken DeWaard
Painting by Ken DeWaard

Gorgeous painting by Ken DeWaard. This is a treasure we will have forever and ever. What an amazing guy, and just so talented. Ugh! It’s pretty inspiring to be around someone who can whip out a brush and literally paint absolutely anything that he sees.

Warm Stone by Sherwin Williams
Warm Stone by Sherwin Williams

This color (Warm Stone) looks so good in our guest room (which doesn’t get as much light as this room does), but I’m thinking it’s too washed out in this room… and even more so when the sun shines through…  but later in the day it looks much nicer…

I think since we still have some walls to cover, we’ll try a few more samples… Maybe something similar to Warm Stone (above) but a wee bit darker… or something totally different like…

Do you have a favorite color for a bright room? Let me know!
Do you have a favorite color for a bright room? Let me know!

Warm Stone/Sherwin Wms (guest room/long pink sticky), davenport tan or whitall brown (the two browns with stickys) or Beacon Hill Damask/Benjamin Moore? (Pink little sticky’s)

PLEASE chime in with any suggestions? What is a happening color that isn’t too cool… we’re not thinking gray any longer… I. Don’t. Think.

Am I fickle? Ugh. Probably… need help!

UPDATE: Feb. 7 (Fri)

Ok… I have gotten some cool comments, and some that have me looking back at my fan deck (that may be the death of me, ha ha)… I am intrigued by the 5th comment…  what do you think of these colors? I’m leaning towards the HYDRANGEA FLOWERS (on the left) I think the CORAL ESSENCE may be a bit much for me. Actually, I’m not sure, I’m intrigued… this is not safe territory for me, ha ha… for years its been variations of brown. Let me know what you think!

Middle color on left is HYDRANGEA FLOWERS, the middle on right is CORAL ESSENCE. I'm liking HF better… if we were to go something like this...
Middle color on left is HYDRANGEA FLOWERS, the middle on right is CORAL ESSENCE. I’m liking HF better… if we were to go something like this… what are those freaky wrinkles in my hand!????? Good grief!

And just for a point of reference… this is the rug in the room we’re wanting to paint… I see bits of Hydrangea Flowers (Benjamin Moore) in the rug!


Ok, today is 2/8… after visiting some friends who just painted their bedroom a dark gray shade… and with a few of the comments, we are now leaning more towards the dark. Just hung a painting with a silver frame and… P. O. P. ! Hmmmm…

I. Remain. Fickle… any suggestions/comments are most welcome!


O n e  Y e a r  A g o:             Featured Artist… Martha Berkert!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:         California Wine Country photo!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:   Jump in a puddle, go ahead, you know you want to!

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Always fill out a card that comes with a product that you buy… Recalls are a bummer…

A friend of ours came to town for a visit… I made lasagna… we were starving… *DING* ahhhh, time to take it out of the oven, woohoo!! It smelled wonderful… I reached into the drawer and grabbed a few hot pads, opened the oven door, reached in and grabbed each handle with a hot pad and WHOOSH! What??!!!!!! The handle from the lasagna pan broke and it spilled down the front of the door of the oven (inside)… Immediately Ken DeWaard (what a guy) said, IT’S FINE, JUST SCOOP IT BACK IN THE PAN… Fred was wonderful… If it were anyone but those two I probably would have had at least a brief, ahhhh, “moment”, but Ken’s next words were… POUR HER A GLASS OF WINE… that was funny to me. Really, I don’t get that worked up. But, I WAS hungry… I scooped it back in and we ate out of the side that didn’t break… then tossed the rest. I should probably always have a pizza in the freezer or something… what else would I say? Can I offer you a bowl of Raisin Bran? ha… If you own a Giada lasagna pan from Target – there is a RECALL! Take it back…. No one got hurt or burned, the stove is just a disaster…

This is why you always fill out a registration card (if there is one… there wasn’t for this):

Broken handle… pan used three times...
Broken handle… pan used three times…

The result… (this is after a few cleanings, yes, really!)… this looks better than real life… believe me!

I mean… Really??? Ugh...
I mean… Really??? Ugh…


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       And… I’m back! (2012)

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Basil Shrimp with Feta and Orzo recipe!

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[ e v e n t ] Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational – October 13-20, 2013

15th Annual Laguna Plein Air lpa fb

If you are in the Laguna Beach area, this is an event not to be missed! Do you realize how many fabulous artists are going to be in one place painting their hearts out? Lots… this is the LIST OF ARTISTS, and it’s a doozy!

Click here to buy your tickets (for lectures and collector’s party) – I saw some great photo’s on Ken DeWaard’s website, paintings from last year at Laguna as well as images of artist painting, it’ll give you a feel for how fabulous this event is!

Read a little blip from the Laguna Plein Air website:

Each year Laguna Beach, a famous seaside community and historic artist colony, turns into an outdoor studio with the always-exciting Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational. This event showcases the nation’s top plein air landscape painters who compete for prestigious prizes and participate in the week-long festivities including public paint outs, environmental awareness activities, and educational events.  Culminating with the highly anticipated Collectors’ Party and Public Sale.  Proceeds from this event will benefit Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art organization.

This year the Invitational will be held at the Aliso Creek Inn in the majestic Aliso Canyon – The “Yosemite” of Laguna Beach and the location of the area’s original homestead built by the Thurston family, the ancestors of current Laguna Mayor Kelly Boyd.  This event celebrates the artistic legacy of Laguna Beach.



O N E   Y E A R   A G O…      To do in Charleston… CHARLESTON TEA PLANTATION!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Tom Curry!

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Workshop with Ken DeWaard… this October!

Ken DeWaard at Bowens Island 2012
Ken’s visit to Charleston 2012 – Bowens Island…

Are you looking to take a workshop from a well known, award winning, super nice, patient artist? Well look no further, if you’re going to be in the Newnan, GA area (about 30 miles SW of Atlanta) October 24-27, 2013 then this workshop is for you!

"A Waterman's Life" by Ken DeWaard - won ARTISTS CHOICE AWARD at Plein Air Easton!
“A Waterman’s Life” by Ken DeWaard – won ARTISTS CHOICE AWARD at Plein Air Easton!

Ken is a cool guy, very down to earth, knows his stuff AND he is willing to share what he knows… It doesn’t matter what the painting is of, Ken can tackle it and create a TO. DIE. FOR. painting… He has a way of capturing a scene that makes it so special! I love this guys work!

"Acacia, Night on the Town" by Ken DeWaard - Won Best Architectural painting at Easels of Frederick, MD!
“Acacia, Night on the Town” by Ken DeWaard – Won Best Architectural painting at Easels of Frederick, MD!

Ken captures the feeling of all the places that he paints! He has a great website, be sure to check it out, blog too! ! He lists all the plein air events that he participates in and includes images of all his work! Impressive!

Here is the information on the plein air workshop “Essence and Design”… it’s not until next month, so here’s a heads up…

CONTACT MILLIE GOSCH at to make your reservation (or if you have any questions)!

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 6.33.06 AM


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Charleston Photo: Mebkin Abbey…

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Artist Carol Marine…  [note: this post is from two years ago…]

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Images via

Plein Air Easton (MD) – TODAY thru July 21, 2013!


If you are anywhere near Easton, MD you might want to take the time to check out Plein Air Easton. This is an event filled with some of the best artists… all busily painting away… Just to name a few… Ken DeWaard, Tim Bell, Eric Bowman, Cindy Baron, the list is long, check out the LIST OF ARTISTS PARTICIPATING this year (and read a little blip about each one)!

Also find out the details, times, locations of where artists are painting by clicking HERE

Don’t miss the Quick Draw Competition!

From the Plein Air Easton website:

Quick Draw (2011)
Quick Draw (2011)
Quick Draw Competition
Saturday, July 20th, 2013 – 10:00am to 12:00pm
Watch as nearly 200 artists, competition painters, professionals, amateurs, and simply the adventurous compete and have fun as they paint out for 2 hours in Downtown, Easton.
Location: Downtown Easton, MD (map)

The Quick Draw Competition is a plein air painting competition, exhibit and sale that is open to any one registered who wishes to participate.  More than 160 artists, competition painters, professionals, amateurs and the simply adventurous compete and have fun.  These artists have only six blocks and two hours to complete their works.  During this short time, all registered Quick Draw participants will set up their supplies and paint or draw en plein air in downtown Easton.

This is one of the most compelling experiences of the week.  Together, artists and spectators are immersed in the creative process.  See the scenes and how the artists interpret them.  Smell the wet paint and get caught up in the excitement of watching 100’s of painting come to life before your eyes!

After the paint out, an exhibit is held on Harrison Street and paintings are exhibited on the easels on which they were created.  The paintings will be judeged by Plein Air-Easton! Competition Judge, Don Demers, and awards will be presented at 1:30pm.  The exhibit and all of its paintings will be removed at 2pm.  Winning Quick Draw paintings will be on display at the Academy Art Museum until 4pm on Sunday.  Everything about the Quick Draw is quick…so do not miss out!

Click HERE for the calendar to find out what’s going on each day…

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Plein Air Richmond, June 10-15, 2013!

PleinAirRichmondArtists PARfb

Plein Air Richmond started yesterday, but you’re in luck… it goes through Saturday, June 15, 2013! There are so many fabulous artists involved in this event, if you’re anywhere near Richmond, VA you won’t want to miss it! Above is a list of artists for 2013 from the Plein Air Richmond Facebook page.

From the Plein Air Richmond website:

Plein Air Artists from all over the United States will meet in Richmond for one amazing Week in June to create paintings in support of the Richmond Symphony.

A Week-Long “Painting Out”: June 10-13, 2013  –  Click here to view daily locations
Watch the 45 specially juried plein air painters set up easels all over our historic city create hundreds of paintings. 

Ticketed Collector’s Preview Sale and Awards:   June 14

Exhibit Continues at Brazier Gallery June 15 and June 16  

“Fast and Fresh” :  June 15
Location:  1800 Block of Monument Avenue.  Three blocks around the Lee Monument.

On Saturday from 9 am – 11am juried and non-juried artists will start and complete paintings. These “wet” paintings will be available for purchase right off the easels with proceeds benefitting the Symphony.

This is an amazing opportunity… Steve Doherty (editor for Plein Air magazine, one of my all time favorites) is a judge. This man knows art… he is amazing! This will be an outstanding event, one I wish we had in Charleston, SC. With our strong art community, why not?

Here are just a few of the oh-so-talented artists that will be part of Plein Air Richmond:

Ken DeWaard 

This guy can paint anything. He is a joy to watch and makes painting look so easy! Each and every stroke is deliberate, he transforms a canvas… watch for him if you go! He also has some fabulous workshops coming in the future, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in that sort of thing! He has a great entry on his blog about this painting!

KenDeWaard WorkingTheDoubleShift KD

Working the Double Shift by Ken DeWaard –

Shelby Keefe – wonderful artist, she also has a workshop coming up in September…

ShelbyKeefe Alterations SKAlterations by Shelby Keefe – Image:

Anne Blair Brown – I love her loose style. Here is her workshop schedule

AnneBlairBrown Marketability BrazierGlry

Marketability by Anne Blair Brown – Image:

Larry Moore, who shows locally at Horton Hayes Fine Art in Charleston, SC… this painting was done for Plein Air Easton, whoa! Here is his workshop schedule

Larry Moore TheApprentice LM

The Apprentice by Larry Moore – Image:

Ok, that was only FOUR of the amazing artists that will be at Plein Air Richmond… I look forward to hearing about it soon!

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Winter Park Paint Out 2013

From the Winter Park Paint Out website A friendly competition was held among our artists to find a poster image for the 2013 Winter Park Paint Out. The winner was Stephen Bach of Winter Park.


APRIL 20 — APRIL 27, 2013

to ben­e­fit the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculp­ture Gar­dens

The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculp­ture Gar­dens hosts its Fifth Annual Win­ter Park Paint Out dur­ing the last week of April 2013. Twenty-five pro­fes­sion­ally acclaimed plein airartists will roam across our fair city cap­tur­ing many of your favorite land­scapes and land­marks with oils, water­col­ors and pastels.Plein Air - a French term mean­ing “in the open air” — describes art works painted out­doors with the sub­ject directly in view rather than in a stu­dio. Plein air artists cap­ture the spirit and essence of a land-scape or sub­ject by incor­po­rat­ing nat­ural light, color and move­ment into their works.Join us for the 2013 Win­ter Park Paint Out. If you’re an art lover, a patron, or just curi­ous to see what the buzz is about, stop by the Polasek Museum to see the lat­est from the 25 artists in action!  The museum, sculp­ture gar­dens and gallery will be open FREE to the pub­lic through this excit­ing week-long event. Click here to check out the sched­ule of eventsinclud­ing FREE paint­ing demon­stra­tions and other activ­i­ties. Com­pleted paint­ings will be hung in the gallery’s ‘Wet Room’ imme­di­ately — watch as the week pro­gresses and the gallery fills with plein air art­work. Be sure to visit often to watch the artists work and to pur­chase these one-of-a kind paint­ings the moment they are hung on the wall.If you’d like behind the scenes access and attend our VIP events click here to learn more about becom­ing a Paint Out Patron.  Don’t for­get to pur­chase your tick­ets to the exclu­sive Gar­den Party — this event sells out quickly! Fol­low this link to reserve yours today.

For more infor­ma­tion about the Win­ter Park Paint Out, please call the Museum or email us at

I’m also going to sneak a little something in here by artist, Ken DeWaard – if you can make it to watch the demos, I highly suggest it. DARNIT! I wish I would have gotten this posted before it started… ugh! Ken is a fabulous artist, very talented and VERY diverse! I love watching this guy paint!

Ken DeWaard Newsletter

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Charleston Photo: Artist Ken DeWaard painting at Bowens Island…

Ken DeWaard at Bowens Island 2012

Artist Ken DeWaard was in Charleston, SC last year and made a stop at Bowens Island… great painting that I can tell you he painted effortlessly. He is a joy to watch paint. I urge you to check out his website… and if you’re in one of the locations where he’s giving a workshop GO FOR IT! You will learn a lot and have a good time! Check out Ken’s WORKSHOP schedule for more info… his WEBSITE is fabulous and is constantly updated, so it’s worth taking the time!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

Workshop image via email newsletter from Ken DeWaard…

Did hell freeze over? Did the fat lady sing?

Nope, but Ken DeWaard came to town and got me to paint! A miracle? Yes, indeed! If you aren’t familiar with Ken’s work, check it out! He’s got a great website… !

I was quite thankful that I had backup… had a great time no doubt! My painting was more of an exercise, takes the pressure off, well, for the most part anyway!

Ken’s painting… genius! AND it looked so easy… If you look closely you can probably see steam coming out of my ears I’m thinking so hard… but had the best time! Thanks Ken! (And thank you Fred!!)

Hey, this is the perfect opportunity to mention Florida’s Forgotton Coast Plein Air Invitational – Ken will be participating in this plein air event, and from the photos of last years work WHOA!… so be checking his website after the event is over for the latest pieces!

Hey! I want to also give a shout out to Carlisle Stroud… (Fred’s dad)…

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y ! ! We wish you the happiest birthday. EVER! xxoo us

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Featured Artist… Ken Dewaard!

Morning on Monhegan by Ken Dewaard

Ken Dewaard is one of our favorite artists. Super nice guy as well as talented beyond words. The man can paint ANYTHING! You must check out his website, look at the paintings he did of China… whoa! I spent a great deal of time agonizing over WHICH painting… usually there is a painting or two that stands out to me… with Ken there were many… decisions, decisions… Check out his work, I promise you will not be disapointed!

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the Pine Mountain area of Georgia, Ken will be participating in the Third Annual Plein Air Paint Out, Art Show and Sale at Calloway Gardens. Sunday, April 15- Sunday, April 22!

Here’s a blip about Ken from his website

For Ken there is nothing more rewarding and challenging than painting under an open sky, surrounded by the scents and sounds of nature, along with it’s ever changing color and harmonies to excite one’s creativity.
After receiving his Bachelor of Arts with honors, Ken began working in a commercial art studio in Chicago. He continued his studies at the American Academy of Art, where he studied with nationally recognized watercolorist, Irving Shapiro. Upon Irving’s recommendation Ken joined the acclaimed Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art in Chicago, where he soon began studying with Scott Burdick
as well as Dan Gerhartz.
It is here that Ken adapted his direct and pure approach as well as his bravura brush style, which he achieves by painting from life.
Strongly inspired by John Singer Sargent, Nicolai Fechin, Joaquin Sorolla and the Russian Impressionists, Ken finds himself painting an array of subject matter from everyday life. The feelings Ken evokes in his paintings are due in part to the excitement and passion he feels while capturing the fleeting effects of light, or the wonderful color nuances and harmonies presented by nature and all of her beauty.
Ken continues to travel throughout the United States as well as Italy. He has spent many a summer day painting the Italian hillsides, American vistas, and beauty wherever it finds him. This has always been a contributing factor in his work, insight, and inspiration and growth as an artist.
Ken is an instructor at the Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art, 
in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. He currently resides with his wife and four young children in the beautiful driftless area of southwest Wisconsin.

And… one that isn’t for sale (it’s ours!)… Love this one, View Of Booth Bay…

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Plein Air Easton (MD) – 7/18/11 – 7/24/11 – CHECK IT OUT!


Well folks, if you’re in the area of Easton, Maryland, have I got news for you! Plein Air Easton will be happening from 7/18/11-7/24/11. If you get a chance DO NOT MISS THIS! There are so many talented artists it will boggle your mind… Personally I’m looking out for my buddy Tim Bell as well as his friend (and ours) Ken DeWaard… both accomplished painters, they will be in Easton working their magic in front of crowds of people! I am a big fan! WOOHOO!

 Here’s more information on the Quick Draw event, which I would LOVE to be at! (Info from
Quick Draw For All AgesDowntown Easton, S. Harrison St. between Glenwood Avenue (aka Church Alley) and South StreetSat., July 23, 10am-12pm – registered artists paint
12pm-2pm – exhibit and sale (paintings will remain on display until 2pm; rain location Christ Church Parish Hall)
1:30pm – awards announcedEverything about the Quick Draw is quick. More than 160 artists, competition painters, professionals, amateurs and the simply adventurous compete and have fun. These artists have only six blocks and two hours to complete their works. During this short time, all registered Quick Draw participants will set up their supplies and paint, draw, or sculpt en plein air in downtown Easton.
See the map of the area in which artisits may paint here.
This is one of the most compelling experiences of the week. Together, artists and spectators are immersed in the creative process. See the scenes and how the artists interpret them. Smell the wet paint and get caught up in the excitement of watching a painting come to life before your eyes.

The exhibit is held en plein air on Harrison St. and paintings are exhibited on the easels on which they were created. The paintings will be judged by Plein Air-Easton! Competition Judge, M.Stephen Doherty , and awards will be presented at 1:30pm. The exhibit and all of its paintings will be removed at 2:00pm. This is your only opportunity to view and purchase these works.

This event is open to anyone.

How exciting! If you’re lucky enough to attend, let me know how it went! Click HERE to see this years list of featured artists!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to watch… KEN DEWAARD

An artist friend of ours told us about an artist friend of his.


My husband surprised me last year with a painting and said that he was a great guy to deal with. Oh, what a GREAT surprise! I loved the panting and I LOVE IT WHEN ARTISTS ARE NICE! I don’t know about you, but if I really like the artist, I want to collect MORE of their work. I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying a painting from an artist who I didn’t admire or at the very least like…  I just really like Ken’s work, the colors, the light… ahhhh.

If you haven’t checked out Ken’s work, do so now! He’s got a great website (ugh, so frustrating when artists websites don’t get updated… BRAVO to those of you who do update regularly, it must be a real challenge to those of you who paint, blog and update websites! It is much appreciated, believe me)!  Check it out!

Until tomorrow… Remember to visit my photo blog at!