Plein Air Easton (MD) – TODAY thru July 21, 2013!


If you are anywhere near Easton, MD you might want to take the time to check out Plein Air Easton. This is an event filled with some of the best artists… all busily painting away… Just to name a few… Ken DeWaard, Tim Bell, Eric Bowman, Cindy Baron, the list is long, check out the LIST OF ARTISTS PARTICIPATING this year (and read a little blip about each one)!

Also find out the details, times, locations of where artists are painting by clicking HERE

Don’t miss the Quick Draw Competition!

From the Plein Air Easton website:

Quick Draw (2011)
Quick Draw (2011)
Quick Draw Competition
Saturday, July 20th, 2013 – 10:00am to 12:00pm
Watch as nearly 200 artists, competition painters, professionals, amateurs, and simply the adventurous compete and have fun as they paint out for 2 hours in Downtown, Easton.
Location: Downtown Easton, MD (map)

The Quick Draw Competition is a plein air painting competition, exhibit and sale that is open to any one registered who wishes to participate.  More than 160 artists, competition painters, professionals, amateurs and the simply adventurous compete and have fun.  These artists have only six blocks and two hours to complete their works.  During this short time, all registered Quick Draw participants will set up their supplies and paint or draw en plein air in downtown Easton.

This is one of the most compelling experiences of the week.  Together, artists and spectators are immersed in the creative process.  See the scenes and how the artists interpret them.  Smell the wet paint and get caught up in the excitement of watching 100’s of painting come to life before your eyes!

After the paint out, an exhibit is held on Harrison Street and paintings are exhibited on the easels on which they were created.  The paintings will be judeged by Plein Air-Easton! Competition Judge, Don Demers, and awards will be presented at 1:30pm.  The exhibit and all of its paintings will be removed at 2pm.  Winning Quick Draw paintings will be on display at the Academy Art Museum until 4pm on Sunday.  Everything about the Quick Draw is quick…so do not miss out!

Click HERE for the calendar to find out what’s going on each day…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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