Top Pick: LL Bean Adventure Duffle


It seems that I plug LL Bean quite a bit, but there are a few things from that store that really stand out. The LL Bean Adventure Duffle is one of those. In times where the airlines charge BOOCOO bucks for you to take luggage with you it’s time to go to extreme measures… no more wheels for us, they weigh too much, and whatever the luggage weighs you can deduct from the weight you can put IN it. One year we were stuffed to the gills in our suitcase and the zipper broke beyond repair, we were on our way to the airport and pulled into LL Bean and bought the LL Bean Adventure Duffle. AWESOME! We even had time for them to monogram it for us, ha ha… So now we both have a medium to carry on, note that it can’t be stuffed, but that’s nice, if it’s a little larger and you put stuff in it you can flatten it out to fit underneath the seat or in the overhead bin with ease. We also have the extra large duffle which is EXTRA LARGE… we don’t fill that too tight either and we haven’t gotten anywhere near our weight limit. Now… knowing that you have to carry this and not wheel it will make you pack a little lighter perhaps, but this is the ticket and we love it! AND if you want to add just a wee bit of weight you CAN get the Adventure duffle WITH WHEELS… Just wanted to share that with you!

I’ll catch you back here tomorrow… if you get a chance check out my photo blog at !

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