Artist to watch… Margaret Petterson!

Watching the Tide Roll Away by Margaret Petterson

Isn’t this fabulous? I LOVE the light coming through on the adironack chairs! This is one example of Margaret’s wonderful work, a mixed media monotype entitled “Watching the Tide Roll Away”. My husband and I have loved Margaret Petterson’s work for many years. She’s versatile, paints in watercolor, oil and does monotypes. Margaret’s work is shown at the John C Doyle Gallery  (John, another wonderful artist and future blog post!). Margaret can paint large paintings so full of color, they truly are special. If you haven’t seen Margaret’s work before be sure to check it out (click HERE)…

Have a wonderful week, I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!
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2 thoughts on “Artist to watch… Margaret Petterson!

  1. Loretta William

    I have a Margaret Petterson limited edition print entitled “Southern Comfort” which I bought many years ago in Charleston….two white rocking chairs on a porch in front of open French doors. I have been unable to find any reference to this particular painting anywhere on the Internet. I’d love to know when it was done and a little something about it. I really like her work. I appreciate any information.


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