Featured Artist: Ben Aronson!

The Recollection by Ben Aronson
The Recollection by Ben Aronson

Ben Aronson. I KNOW! Just look how beautiful this painting is! How the pretty lady so elegantly holds the saucer, the sun glowing on her blond hair, the dark background, and the wonderful shadows. You can feel that she is deep in thought. Just look at all the color in the cup of coffee, fabulous!

Ben paints figures (mostly of his wife, Eileen), cityscapes, a series on Wall Street and more. His website is spectacular, so I urge you to check it out.

Orchids by Ben Aronson
Orchids by Ben Aronson

Another wonderful painting by Ben, Orchids – so simple, so elegant, so beautiful!

Read a bit about Ben, from the Artsy.net website:

Ben Aronson’s painterly urban landscapes combine photorealistic accuracy with gestural immediacy, portraying a world populated by urbane figures. Although the settings are more luxurious than Edward Hopper’s stark interiors, the figures often exude a similar sense of vulnerability, as in the solitary woman lost in contemplation in The Recollection (2008). Click Here to continue reading…

Images via BenAronson.net, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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