House Plan: Low Country Beach House – Plan W44091TD by Architectural Designs

Low Country Beach House [image]
Low Country Beach House
This is a neat house plan if you had a great water view… Perfect for the Charleston area, but would be great anywhere there is water! This home is 2,621 square feet…


As you can see by the sliding door system, this plan optimizes the use of windows to capture the view. That feature coupled with the wonderful deep porches makes this quite the perfect home… and if that isn’t enough, if this plan is a bit too large for your needs, they have created another plan that is a bit smaller and it’s fabulous! Plan W44116TD: Low Country Beach House (1,581 square feet) – personally, I would go for this one!


One good thing about this plan is it offers a space for everyone to spread out and have their own quiet time. A nice feature!  From Architectural Designs:

Video Tour: Fly around this house plan in a 32 second You Tube videoWhat a novel concept!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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