Featured Artist… Kate Starling!

"Two Houses" by Kate Starling
“Two Houses” by Kate Starling

Can you imagine how wonderful these two old homes must have been at one point in their lives? Kate captured the character of these buildings and you see how sweet they were at one time. A long time ago, no doubt!

Kate will be participating in the Maynard Dixon Country August 23-25, 2013, read about it from the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts website. This sounds like one fantastic event. There are so many fabulous artists participating, you have to check out their website:


Maynard Dixon Country is much more than just an art show. In fact, it’s not really an art “show” at all. Maynard Dixon Country is a gathering bringing together artists, collectors, community, and friends who love art.

The guiding principles of the event are two fold: we want to help artists in America and we want to ensure the viability of historic preservation. We are deeply connected to the art of Maynard Dixon and his contributions to American art. But rather than focusing solely on the beloved paintings of Maynard Dixon, we focus on the “art spirit” and intention of Maynard Dixon, the artist, poet, and whole person. In choosing to remember Dixon this way, we believe his legacy becomes even more meaningful when it is illuminated by the artists who are living and making art in 2013. 

Maynard Dixon Country is also our only fundraising event of the year to support the Thunderbird Foundation for the ArtsIn bringing serious collectors to this event, we help the artists on the forefront of American art continue to thrive, and we fulfill our mission for historic preservation. All art sales from Maynard Dixon Country directly fund the artists as well as the annual operating budget of the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts and the Maynard Dixon Living History Museum.

Purchase Tickets Here

One Ticket Grants Admission to All Events:

  • Friday preview 12:00 p.m. at the Thunderbird Foundation Fine Art Gallery 2200 South State Street, Mt. Carmel, UT 84755

  • Saturday wet paintings sale 10 a.m. at the Dixon Studio (adjacent to the gallery on Highway 89/S. State Street)

  • Saturday afternoon symposium 2:00 p.m. at the Dixon Studio meadow

  • Saturday evening cocktail reception, MDC artists awards ceremony and concert featuring Western entertainer Mary Kaye Knaphus

We are pleased to announce our 2013 Maynard Dixon Country Media Sponsor
Western Art Collector Magazine

Read a blip about Kate from her website:

Kate Starling is an oil painter who lives and works in the canyons of southern Utah.  Educated in geology, she spent years working outside as a geologist and National Park ranger.  After formal academic art training in the 1980’s she devoted her work to painting the landscape.  Schooled in the importance of direct painting from life she has spent years painting outside, learning the way light plays on the land.  Now she splits her time between the roadways and trails surrounding her home and the studio. 

Starling’s paintings portray the natural world and focus on communicating a sense of place, atmosphere and light, retaining the immediacy of the painting experience.  She knows the strength of emotion that the landscape seen in a particular light can trigger in her – she strives to paint in such a way that memory and emotion are triggered in the people who see her work. 

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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