Artist to watch… Bradley Hendershot!


Bradley Hendershot. Nice guy… met him a few years ago on Monhegan Island. He does fabulous watercolors mainly of Pennsylvania, Maine and Maryland’s eastern shore. If you aren’t familiar with his work, check him out! He has a website with paintings, gallery information and upcoming exhibitions. Brad’s work reminds me of some of Andrew Wyeth’s work.

Funny thing, when I think of Brad I think of blueberry Pop-Tarts. Ha… He had a studio set up on Monhegan across from the Island Inn (the John Sterling House for those of you who are familiar), Fred and I popped (yuck, yuck) in to introduce ourselves and check out his work and there were boxes of blueberry Pop-Tarts on the counters. Not just a few boxes… MANY boxes. Too funny… what’s any better than an unfrosted blueberry Pop-Tart? Too bad it’s not health food…! So if you haven’t seen Brad’s work before, click on the website link above!
Catch you back here tomorrow… if you get a chance, check out my photo blog at !

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