Monhegan, Maine – Safe Travels!!

Island Inn, Monhegan, Maine

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Brilliant Monhegan Sky!


Fred and I have been so fortunate to always have such fabulous weather when we visit Monhegan. This wonderful Maine island that sits off the coast is so special in every single way. What makes it so beautiful (other than the surroundings)? The everyday things, from the stacked lobster traps to the colorful clothes on the line blowing in the wind.

Magical. Absolutely magical!

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F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:         Monhegan Boat Line – Port Clyde, Maine

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:      Featured Artist: Connie Hayes!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o: I won!

Featured Artist: Ralph Bush – Show at Island Inn/Lupin Gallery, Monhegan!

Wash Day by Ralph Bush Image: Lupine Gallery
Wash Day by Ralph Bush
Image: Lupine Gallery

Ralph Bush… an amazing artist! Fred and I first saw his work, an impressive large watercolor hanging at the Lupine Gallery in Monhegan, Maine. It was breathtaking. Well, it appears that Ralph paints many stunning scenes… here are just a few! Wash Day (above)… that brilliant orange sky, the clothes blowing in the wind on the clothesline, the very cool cottage and those luscious greens in the landscape. Lovely! Monhegan Island is one place where scenes like this actually happen, and happen quite often. You hear people talk about the “light” on the island. It IS different… and oh so spectacular.

Quiet Harbor by Ralph Bush Image: Lupine Gallery
Quiet Harbor by Ralph Bush
Image: Lupine Gallery

Quiet Harbor… oooh, another fabulous painting, darker and moody with the brilliant sky that just makes this painting P-O-P ! As you’ll read below, Ralph Bush’s paintings are being featured at the Island Inn on Monhegan. Each year a different artist is selected, and their work is showcased in the Inn’s fabulous dining room. It’s so exciting to see the work from year to year. The Lupine Gallery will be hosting a reception for the artist on Wednesday, June 25th, be there if you can!

Read a blip from an email from the Lupine Gallery on Monhegan Island:


We are pleased to present the 2014 summer solo exhibition at the Island Inn:  Selected Oils and Watercolors by Ralph V. Bush.

Ralph Bush is a Copley Master at Copley Society of Boston, a member of The New England Watercolor Society, Rockport Art Association and North Shore Arts Association. His painting The Old State House In Boston was selected from 3,000 entries as a winner in the First Annual Arts For the Parks competition, exhibited at the Great Hall of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. He is a three-time recipient of Yankee Magazine’s prestigious Robb Sagendorph Memorial Award for Art, presented by the Copley Society.

The paintings will fill the Inn’s large, light-filled dining room, and will be on view May 26—July 26 and August 11—October 13. The Island Inn will host a reception for the artist on Wednesday, June 25 at 2-4 pm; all are welcome.

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:             Keeping your brain healthy!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:          Flag painting by Frank Gardner

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:     Bowens Island Restaurant, Charleston, SC

Memories of Monhegan…

Island Inn by Joe Fidler

Island Inn. Monhegan Island. Maine. Vacation. Heaven! Wow, back in 2009 my mom and dad, Fred and I rented a cottage in Port Clyde, then we came to Monhegan for a few nights. What a dream! My dad had recently had knee surgery, so those of you who have been to the island know what a challenge that can be. Right as you step off the boat you have a rather steep hill to climb. He did it, no problem. (Dad, you were a sport. You had to pass on the hike through Cathedral Woods, but you stayed mighty busy. I’ve told you all about a sketch book that he surprised me with. Full of fabulous ink/watercolor sketches of our time on Monhegan and a few other things. I cherish that book! 

Joe Fidler painting on Monhegan
Joe Fidler – Monhegan Island

The island is such a fabulous place to just be… to do what you want to do… you see all kinds of people, lots of artists and bird watchers. You meet the most interesting people and life long friends on the island.

mom hiking monhegan w stick 2009
Sheila Fidler hiking on Monhegan…

This is the day we went hiking. Mom found a great walking stick… part way through Cathedral Woods she said, whew! That’s far enough… Noooo Mom!! You have to see the “reward”… the peacefulness of Cathedral Woods cannot be matched anywhere in my opinion. But when you get through that trail to Squeaker Cove your jaw drops. Wow! Mom was thrilled that she went the entire way! The beauty is breathtaking!

F L A S H B A C K !

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:                Charleston Wine & Food (2013)

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:           Brilliant kitchen tool: The Microplane!

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:      Artist to watch… Ken DeWaard!

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Artists Painting on Monhegan (Maine) – Part III

Artist David Kasman on Monhegan Island
Artist David Kasman on Monhegan Island

As promised… more Monhegan artist photos… this is the last batch until I can get there again to take more photos!

Fred and I watched David Kasman (above) paint one afternoon and it was fabulous. This man is good. Really good. We didn’t want to bother him until he was finished… then I walked up and asked him WHO ARE YOU? He clearly didn’t set up, fumble around like I might do… he set up, got to work, painted away… and it was fabulous. It’s in our Monhegan Collection!

Caleb Stone, Kevin Beers
Caleb Stone teaching a workshop and Kevin Beers (not in the workshop) painting his heart out….

In this photo you see Kevin Beers painting off by himself (top right). On the bottom left hand side of this image is artist Caleb Stone giving a student assistance during a workshop. This is the one cool sight that you will see over and over on Monhegan. Groups of artists painting. Some are in workshops, most are just artist out painting like Kevin…

Tim Bell after he finished a painting...
Tim Bell after he finished a painting…

We caught the last half of Tim Bell painting this gorgeous drop dead painting…  Tim has the ability to set up, paint an entire painting without getting a drop of paint on him or on anything else. He neatly puts everything away, and when he leaves… there is no trace! This striking painting… in our Monhegan collection!

Kevin Beers
Kevin Beers painting by the Barnacle on Monhegan

Kevin draws a crowd when he paints because he paints on such a large canvas. It’s interesting to watch each artist paint. Artists all have different techniques, yet they all turn out fabulous paintings. Which just proves there isn’t just one way to paint. Do what’s best for you!

Tim Bell… Monhegan
Tim Bell… Monhegan

A lot of people (me) like to set up out of the way, like out on a cliff somewhere… but I would say there are many more confident painters here… like Tim, he’s comfortable painting anywhere.

Joe Fidler
Joe FIdler (dad) painting in Port Clyde, ME!

Joe Fidler! He sets up and paints anywhere… he goes with the flow, doesn’t worry about things. Paints nice painting. Needs a website 😉

Maine is such a great place to paint. You can be close to others, off by yourself or somewhere in the middle.


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T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:  Bowtie pasta with sundried tomatoes and scallion cream!

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Artists Painting on Monhegan – They’re everywhere!

John Oat painting near Horns Hill (Monhegan)
John Oat painting near Horns Hill (Monhegan)

Remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned that for the next few weeks I was going to post some images of artists painting on Monhegan Island (Maine)? Well last week, I forgot! (It must have been because of the cold weather??)… well, here it is… this week and next, and then back to normal posting.

This is artist John Oat. Nice guy, we met John several years ago. Fabulous artist. Here’s the link for John’s website… I love the painting DASHING, what a happy dog!!

Walt Pasko
Walt Pasko painting on Monhegan

Walt Pasko… painting his heart away on Monhegan!

Tim Bell painting on the wharf, Monhegan
Tim Bell painting on the wharf, Monhegan

Tim Bell painting on the wharf – Monhegan Island, ME

Barbara Stroud
ME! Hee… Painting on Horn’s Hill…

Who? Who? Who could this be? Hee…


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T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:      Sugar fix! Whew!

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Artists painting on Monhegan…

Albert Handell
Albert Handell’s workshop on Monhegan

When you go to my blog and type “Monhegan” in the search box at the top right, you will see many posts appear… so many gorgeous photos, art, and interesting people… Lots of them. The next few Friday’s I’m going to share some of my artists photos from Monhegan. If you are an artist and haven’t been to Monhegan yet… you are in for a treat. There are wonderful places to stay like the Island Inn, or for the more artsy, the Monhegan House. I hear artists love to stay there because they paint all day and talk about art all night. What. Could. Be. Better? Monhegan is a small island about ten miles off the coast of Maine. You take a ferry to get there and there are no cars (except for the locals with trucks for deliveries). You will see easels set up everywhere! It’s a jaw dropping time, truly!

Tim Bell - Year one...
Tim Bell

I took this photo the first year we met artist Tim Bell. What an interesting guy! So full of knowledge that he was sharing, I was writing notes like a crazy person. I was like a sponge trying to absorb all of his information. We spoke with Tim a good bit on this trip. A few times I hung out by his easel while he took a short break (very rare for Tim), and everyone who walked by commented (thinking it was my painting)… I did a lot of explaining in those few short minutes, but also got to feel what it must be like if you’re good. Really. Good. For an artist like Tim who receives so much attention, he is the most down to earth person you will ever meet. He quickly became a friend to treasure for a lifetime. Through Tim we met another artist with the same down to earth abilities even though his paintings are award winning time after time… Ken DeWaard. One day it would be cool to all be on Monhegan at the same time. Just think… you would all have a free photographer, ha ha…

Ok, here are some more…

Tim Bell painting on Monhegan
Tim Bell painting Uncle Henry’s on Monhegan

This is the second year we met Tim on Monhegan… he was painting Uncle Henry’s, and what a fabulous painting that turned out to be!

Tim Bell Monhegan
Tim Bell painting at Lobster Cove on Monhegan

Cool shot, eh? Nice stance Tim! Look at all the artists set up painting. I’m pretty sure this was the day that there were big winds and artists flocked to paint the surf. See that house in the distance? For those of you who aren’t familiar it is owned by artist Jamie Wyeth. He bought it from artist Rockwell Kent. (Cool article about the two of them from Fine Art Connoisseur). What a view it must have. I cannot imagine!

Tim Bell Monhegan
Tim Bell – Monhegan

A close up of Tim’s set up. I’m not even sure I could lift it let alone hike with it. You wouldn’t believe how organized some artists are… it’s impressive.

Kevin Beers - Monhegan
Kevin Beers painting near the Island Inn on Monhegan

GO BIG OR GO HOME. I bet that’s Kevin’s motto. He is the one artist you see walking down the street with a HUGE canvas… he comes back at the same time each day to catch the same light. His work is incredible and talk about a nice guy. We met Kevin the first year and have stayed in touch. The coolest people go to Monhegan!

Joe Fidler (dad) painting at a cottage in Port Clyde, ME
Joe Fidler (dad) painting at a cottage in Port Clyde, ME

Ahhh, this artist here… love this guy… HI DAD! He’s a great artist too! He has painted in Port Clyde, Maine when we rented a cottage on the ocean there. What a dream vacation!

Joe Fidler - Port Clyde
Joe Fidler (dad) painting in Port Clyde, ME

This was right in front of our cottage. That cottage was truly a dream!

Barbara Stroud painting on Monhegan
Me painting on Monhegan

Ooooh… and who might this be? What?! It’s me… hee…

F  L A S H B A C K

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Monhegan Island, Maine… Photo…

Monhegan Island, Maine
Monhegan Island, Maine

Ahhh, I get a little homesick for Maine each year. No, it’s not my home, but it feels like it should be. It’s a wonderful place, with people who are so genuine. I absolutely love that. They are hard working and honest (honor system to buy flowers, vegetables along roadside stands… and it WORKS!). I’m happy when I’m in Maine… no worries… of course I am on vacation, ha ha… which is so much different than real life!

For such a small island there is something to be seen no matter where you are! This photo is of White Head on Monhegan. To get to it, you can walk down through town, turn at the Monhegan House, walk past the Novelty (if you can keep walking past the best pizza and ice cream on earth), up to Horn’s Hill, past Don Stone’s studio, and follow the path to this gorgeous setting!

To sit on the ledge and listen to the ocean, watch for whales and just be… in silence… it’s a treat beyond measure. Sometimes the best gifts are the most simple. Quiet. Peace. Beauty.

For the next week, I’m going to keep the posts short… I’ll be back to regular posting the following week! Hang in there with me! I appreciate you visiting, stop by and see what tomorrow brings! Ooooh, I like that, might change my “catch you back here tomorrow”…  ha ha…


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Featured Artist… Judith Carducci!

Tessa's Hearth by Judith Carducci
Tessa’s Hearth by Judith Carducci

Judith Carducci is an amazing pastel artist – I adore how she did this interior above. The golden glow of the fireplace and the portions left somewhat unfinished but so very cool!

Monhegan from the Cemetery by Judith Carducci
Monhegan from the Cemetery by Judith Carducci

For those of you who have been to Monhegan, ME, you will instantly recognize this view – spectacular, right? Pastels are a medium I’m not really familiar with, I just know when I see something I like, and I like this… be sure to check out more of Judith’s work, as well as her upcoming workshops!

Read a blip about Judith from her website:

Critique - a self portrait by Judith Carducci
Critique – a self portrait by Judith Carducci

When I was a child, my art teacher had me copy “Holbein Heads” – drawings by the great Hans Holbein, portraitist to the court of England’s King Henry VIII. That was the beginning of my lifelong fascination with portraiture and my enduring respect for Holbein’s genius. Even now, my teacher’s voice, as she showed me the fine points of his skill, echoes in my ear: “Look for the lost and found!” 

This self portrait of the artist on a coffee break, in intense concentration assessing the work in progress (values? edges? gesture? composition…?), is also my homage to Holbein, his strength of characterization and his use of color (especially in the simple rich green background). And it is nostalgic for me – a reminder of my love and gratitude for my teacher.



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[featured artist]: Janet Ledoux!

"Jackie's Washday" by Janet Ledoux image:
“Jackie’s Washday” by Janet Ledoux

I love this painting! It reminds me of an area on Monhegan where there are always colorful clothes or towels hanging on a line amidst beautiful flowers… what nice work by artist Janet Ledoux! I remember one of the first few paintings I tackled on Monhegan one year involved a clothesline… if memory serves me correctly that was the only part of the painting that I liked, ha ha… this is wonderful in every way. Janet captured a delightful scene… she also captured the movement, I swear I just felt the wind! Nice job, great work… with a touch of Sovek to it. Check out Janet’s website!

Read a blip about Janet from the Isalos Fine Art website:

After a career as an award-winning illustrator and art director, Janet Ledoux turned to full-time painting in 2000, working on the Maine coast and exhibiting her paintings, collages, drawings and monotypes in numerous venues. A graduate of the Paier College of Art, Ledoux is an elected member of the Ogunquit Arts Association and a recipient of a fellowship at the Vermont  Studio Center. She regularly paints in Stonington.


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The Carina – Monhegan, ME…


Ahhh, the Carina… it’s so much more than a grocery store, it’s more of an institution… it’s a place to run into old friends after a year has gone by, a place to catch up like no time has passed. A great place to grab lunch, a snack, or groceries… End of October will be then end of the Carina as we know it… A big thumbs up to Tara Hire for making it as fabulous as she has all these years! She is moving on and following her passion… Monhegan Wellness! So check it out!!

Another thumbs up to Lisa Brackett, who will be running the new store on the island called L. Brackett & Son… A store and a diner… there has been some major fundraising going on, this is a creative, hard working bunch!

We wish them both the best in their new endevours!


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Ahhh, to relax like this…

Fred reading at the Island Inn, Monhegan 2009

Is there anything better than to wake up early, have fabulous coffee, chat with friends, have a wonderful breakfast, go for a hike, stop for a snack, sit and read, go for another hike or two, or three… come back to the inn, take a shower and head to dinner… nope. I’m hear to tell you there is nothing better! To relax like this is truly a luxury!! Hope you have your luxury relaxation some time soon!


There is something mesmerizing about this!

Hey! Happy first day of Autumn… WOOHOO, my favorite season begins!!


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