Artists Painting on Monhegan (Maine) – Part III

Artist David Kasman on Monhegan Island
Artist David Kasman on Monhegan Island

As promised… more Monhegan artist photos… this is the last batch until I can get there again to take more photos!

Fred and I watched David Kasman (above) paint one afternoon and it was fabulous. This man is good. Really good. We didn’t want to bother him until he was finished… then I walked up and asked him WHO ARE YOU? He clearly didn’t set up, fumble around like I might do… he set up, got to work, painted away… and it was fabulous. It’s in our Monhegan Collection!

Caleb Stone, Kevin Beers
Caleb Stone teaching a workshop and Kevin Beers (not in the workshop) painting his heart out….

In this photo you see Kevin Beers painting off by himself (top right). On the bottom left hand side of this image is artist Caleb Stone giving a student assistance during a workshop. This is the one cool sight that you will see over and over on Monhegan. Groups of artists painting. Some are in workshops, most are just artist out painting like Kevin…

Tim Bell after he finished a painting...
Tim Bell after he finished a painting…

We caught the last half of Tim Bell painting this gorgeous drop dead painting…  Tim has the ability to set up, paint an entire painting without getting a drop of paint on him or on anything else. He neatly puts everything away, and when he leaves… there is no trace! This striking painting… in our Monhegan collection!

Kevin Beers
Kevin Beers painting by the Barnacle on Monhegan

Kevin draws a crowd when he paints because he paints on such a large canvas. It’s interesting to watch each artist paint. Artists all have different techniques, yet they all turn out fabulous paintings. Which just proves there isn’t just one way to paint. Do what’s best for you!

Tim Bell… Monhegan
Tim Bell… Monhegan

A lot of people (me) like to set up out of the way, like out on a cliff somewhere… but I would say there are many more confident painters here… like Tim, he’s comfortable painting anywhere.

Joe Fidler
Joe FIdler (dad) painting in Port Clyde, ME!

Joe Fidler! He sets up and paints anywhere… he goes with the flow, doesn’t worry about things. Paints nice painting. Needs a website 😉

Maine is such a great place to paint. You can be close to others, off by yourself or somewhere in the middle.


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Catch you back here tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Artists Painting on Monhegan (Maine) – Part III

  1. You have a great eye, Barbara–and you must have a great collection! Love the upside down mirror image of the Vaughan house in the third pic. Tim Bell left out Mike on the ladder doing his own painting, though–artistic license! Thanks for sharing!


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