I can’t believe I won!! What did I win???

A few weeks ago we headed over to Coastal Cupboard in Mount Pleasant (SC), a cool kitchen place full of delightful things… other than the top notch kitchen gadgets they have wonderful cookbooks, cookware, bakeware, cooking lessons, demonstrations, coffee machines that will make your head spin and a variety of other things… if you like to cook then a trip to Coastal Cupboard is a must! We were there to have our knives sharpened… a few times a year they have knife sharpening clinics where you come in, take a number (yes! I’m not the only one with a dull knife!) and have your knife sharpened, money goes to charity. While there they had a raffle you could sign up for, I can’t even remember what the items were, just remembered that they were neat, so I put my name in the overflowing box… then a few days later I got a call, Woohoo!! I WON! !! I was THRILLED!  Oh, ugh… what did I win?? A cool knife crock from KUHN RIKON, it’s a small crock with 4 fabulous bright green knives, and these puppies are SHARP! Woohoo, I was too excited! Thank you Coastal Cupboard!

If you get a chance check out Coastal Cupboard, great website, blog, newsletter and information!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Check out my photo blog if you get a chance!

All images from http://thecoastalcupboard.com/

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