Artists painting on Monhegan…

Albert Handell
Albert Handell’s workshop on Monhegan

When you go to my blog and type “Monhegan” in the search box at the top right, you will see many posts appear… so many gorgeous photos, art, and interesting people… Lots of them. The next few Friday’s I’m going to share some of my artists photos from Monhegan. If you are an artist and haven’t been to Monhegan yet… you are in for a treat. There are wonderful places to stay like the Island Inn, or for the more artsy, the Monhegan House. I hear artists love to stay there because they paint all day and talk about art all night. What. Could. Be. Better? Monhegan is a small island about ten miles off the coast of Maine. You take a ferry to get there and there are no cars (except for the locals with trucks for deliveries). You will see easels set up everywhere! It’s a jaw dropping time, truly!

Tim Bell - Year one...
Tim Bell

I took this photo the first year we met artist Tim Bell. What an interesting guy! So full of knowledge that he was sharing, I was writing notes like a crazy person. I was like a sponge trying to absorb all of his information. We spoke with Tim a good bit on this trip. A few times I hung out by his easel while he took a short break (very rare for Tim), and everyone who walked by commented (thinking it was my painting)… I did a lot of explaining in those few short minutes, but also got to feel what it must be like if you’re good. Really. Good. For an artist like Tim who receives so much attention, he is the most down to earth person you will ever meet. He quickly became a friend to treasure for a lifetime. Through Tim we met another artist with the same down to earth abilities even though his paintings are award winning time after time… Ken DeWaard. One day it would be cool to all be on Monhegan at the same time. Just think… you would all have a free photographer, ha ha…

Ok, here are some more…

Tim Bell painting on Monhegan
Tim Bell painting Uncle Henry’s on Monhegan

This is the second year we met Tim on Monhegan… he was painting Uncle Henry’s, and what a fabulous painting that turned out to be!

Tim Bell Monhegan
Tim Bell painting at Lobster Cove on Monhegan

Cool shot, eh? Nice stance Tim! Look at all the artists set up painting. I’m pretty sure this was the day that there were big winds and artists flocked to paint the surf. See that house in the distance? For those of you who aren’t familiar it is owned by artist Jamie Wyeth. He bought it from artist Rockwell Kent. (Cool article about the two of them from Fine Art Connoisseur). What a view it must have. I cannot imagine!

Tim Bell Monhegan
Tim Bell – Monhegan

A close up of Tim’s set up. I’m not even sure I could lift it let alone hike with it. You wouldn’t believe how organized some artists are… it’s impressive.

Kevin Beers - Monhegan
Kevin Beers painting near the Island Inn on Monhegan

GO BIG OR GO HOME. I bet that’s Kevin’s motto. He is the one artist you see walking down the street with a HUGE canvas… he comes back at the same time each day to catch the same light. His work is incredible and talk about a nice guy. We met Kevin the first year and have stayed in touch. The coolest people go to Monhegan!

Joe Fidler (dad) painting at a cottage in Port Clyde, ME
Joe Fidler (dad) painting at a cottage in Port Clyde, ME

Ahhh, this artist here… love this guy… HI DAD! He’s a great artist too! He has painted in Port Clyde, Maine when we rented a cottage on the ocean there. What a dream vacation!

Joe Fidler - Port Clyde
Joe Fidler (dad) painting in Port Clyde, ME

This was right in front of our cottage. That cottage was truly a dream!

Barbara Stroud painting on Monhegan
Me painting on Monhegan

Ooooh… and who might this be? What?! It’s me… hee…

F  L A S H B A C K

O n e  Y e a r  A g o:                   Battling Clutter… streamlining your kitchen drawer!

T w o  Y e a r s  A g o:              2012 Restaurant Week

T h r e e  Y e a r s  A g o:       Utility Canvas Throw – one of my favs!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Artists painting on Monhegan…

  1. Nice article to wake up to and read! Now I know we were there the year you first met Tim! My painting pals and I rented a house on horn hill and I had just bought a painting of Tim’s done in Scotland for our daughter who had gone to art school in Scotland and literally ran into Tim on horn hill—hadn’t met him before and we started chatting. Meant to be! Monhegan is magic


    1. How cool is that Susan? That’s the coolest part about Monhegan… wonderful artists everywhere, and the overwhelming majority are so down to earth. If you love art… Monhegan is the place for you!


    1. Joan, you would love it there! I can take photos from the time I wake up until I go to bed… gorgeous! There is a local on Monhegan named Donna Cundy and she takes some AMAZING photographs and posts them on Facebook: (website with same name). You must see!


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