Pomi tomatoes… skip the BPA in the can and try a carton of tomatoes!

Image: Amazon.com

When you buy POMI tomatoes in a carton you’re buying tomatoes with no BPA in the packaging, no preservatives, citric acid, artificial flavor or water. Just tomatoes. BPA. Bisphenol-A. Once thought as harmless has been undergoing closer scrutiny. It’s in many plastic bottles (which is why we see the emergence of so many “BPA Free” plastics). What everyone doesn’t realize… it’s also in the plastic lining of cans… such as cans of tomatoes, soup, vegetables, the list goes on and on… There is a good article (click HERE) regarding the fact that BPA dangers may be worse from cans vs. plastic bottles… What can you do? Buy cartons or buy from companies who don’t use BPA in their cans, I believe EDEN FOODS and TRADER JOE’S. Hopefully by now there are more, but check it out. It can (possibly) cause many problems INCLUDING breast cancer… (read the article for further details). The best thing to do is not eat out of cans. That can’t always be done, but you can limit the amount of food eaten from cans. MAKE YOUR FOOD. Instead of buying a (processed) can of soup, it’s much healthier to MAKE your soup. Let me tell you… SOUP IS EASY. It just requires a little time and you will have one big pot that you can freeze into individual servings or eat for several days. It will end up being more cost effective if you make it AND you’ll know exactly what’s in it! Let me know if you know of any other BPA-free companies that have canned goods.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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