Artist to watch… Karen Lawrence!


I really enjoy paintings done of interiors. I love to get a glimpse into other peoples homes, it’s kind of like taking a home tour without going anywhere. I appreciate other people’s style and design (well, most of the time!) Karen Lawrence is an artist from Atlanta, GA who primarily does interiors. They’re fantastic. She does paint other subjects, but interiors are what she’s known for. What drew me to this painting was the gorgeous deep dark greens that you see through the window next to the bright light. This painting is entitled SUMMER SUN.

It appears that Karen is in the midst of updating her website (we always appreciate an up-to-date website when we aren’t close enough to pop into a gallery and see the real thing! For now click HERE for a link to see her work. Her original website is – check back in a bit, give her a chance to update! Here’s a blip from the temporary website:

I paint every day in my studio at Tula Art Center in Atlanta. That is, when I’m not out photographing beautiful homes and meeting the people who live in them. I’m intrigued by how people live and the common thread that connects us with our past. I love houses with history and rooms filled with beloved treasures.

The elegance of a curved archway, the drama of tall ceilings and open French doors, the intimacy of an overstuffed chair with a good reading lamp – are all elements of scenes waiting to be painted. For me, the other essential element is light. I’m especially excited by the play of bright sunlight streaking across the floor or warm lamplight drawing one to a comfortable place.

After wrestling with the perspective of a foyer with multiple archways reflected in mirrors or chair legs that don’t want to cooperate with my paintbrush, I relax with the tranquility of a vase of flowers on a table. I find still life very comforting. I love the colors reflecting on shiny surfaces and the freshness of garden flowers backlit by sun pouring in my dining room windows.

My style of painting is a rather loose version of realism. I spent thirteen years developing my style and technique in watercolors. Since 1997, I have been painting almost exclusively in oils.

Karen is in several galleries click HERE for a list from her website… Catch you back here tomorrow!

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