Featured Artist… Barbara Jaenicke!

Aspen Road at Sunset by Barbara Jaenicke
Aspen Road at Sunset by Barbara Jaenicke

Just look at those colors! So very nice, you can just feel that wonderful warm light… this is a pastel done by artist Barbara Jaenicke, this painting is already sold, but I did want to show it to you because it’s amazing! This was the award winner in the 2010 Pastel Society of America Exhibit in NY, New York.

Shadows on the Shed by Barbara Jaenicke
Shadows on the Shed by Barbara Jaenicke

This is an oil painting by Barbara… nice shadows… they make a painting, don’t they? They add life.  Very nice! Barbara is represented by several galleries, be sure to check her out!

Read a blip about Barbara from her website:

Born in 1964 and raised in New Jersey, Barbara Courtney Jaenicke loved to draw and paint as a child and decided at an early age to pursue a career in art in one form or another. As an art major in college, Barbara took as many fine art courses as she could, while also taking painting classes outside of her college studies, but in order to have a steady income right after college, she geared her education toward the commercial side and spent a little over a decade of her early career in advertising as an art director, then later worked in marketing communications in the corporate world. In 2002, she was able to turn her focus to her fine art career.
Currently residing in Roswell, GA with her husband and son, Barbara paints landscapes and still life in pastel and oil. When creating her paintings, she rarely copies her subject matter exactly as it appears, but instead adapts the colors and composition into her own interpretation.
Barbara is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, a member of the IAPS Master Circle, a Member of Excellence in the Southeastern Pastel Society, and a member of Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society. She teaches weekly pastel classes locally in the metro Atlanta area and also teaches workshops throughout the US.

Images via BarbaraJaenicke.com


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…        Grandmas Goulash… so easy and so good!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   The beauty of Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC

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[ f e a t u r e d a r t i s t ]: T o m P e r k i n s o n !

Distant Snowfall by Tom Perkinson
Distant Snowfall by Tom Perkinson
10×10 oil on panel

Tom Perkinson’s paintings are magical. Each one has an element that takes it over the top. The texture in this painting is amazing… and that orange… ahhhh, that orange is the part that takes it over the top for me, well, that and the clouds… I love how that wonderful orange light is reflected in the sky a bit. This is such a striking painting!

Norman Kolpas from Southwest Art featured a fabulous article about Tom this month, it’s a good read!

Moonlight, New Mexico by Tom Perkinson
Moonlight, New Mexico by Tom Perkinson
Watercolor/mixed Media 28×38

To me, this painting is magical. The full moon, the moonlight reflecting on the tops of the clouds,  the small cabin with the smoke billowing out of the chimney just makes me really wish I was there… hunkered down with some great food, a bottle of wine or two and a book… and of course Fred! It would be worth staying up to watch the moon until it faded away.

It was really exciting to run across Tom’s work, I’m a forever fan!

Read a bit about Tom from his website:

Tom Perkinson was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1940. He was raised in the country, and developed a love for the natural landscape. He discovered that he had a talent for art while in elementary school. Art quickly became his chosen passion. During high school he studied at John Herron Institute of Art in Indianapolis. After high school, he studied at the Chicago Academy of Art.

He left Indiana to pursue an undergraduate degree in Oklahoma. Each year while attending the university, he was invited to stage an annual exhibit of his work. His early work focused on the landscape, but also included still lifes and city scenes. At that time, his favorite artists were the early American painters, like Homer, Sergeant, William Merrit Chase, Potthast, and the painters of the Boston School. Particularly influential to him were the early painters of southern Indiana who painted the landscape in which he grew up; painters like T. C. Steele, Vawter, Schultze, and Forsythe.

After graduating, he moved to New Mexico to pursue his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico. During graduate school, he was creating large-scale works that had a foundation in Surrealism, using detailed and highly rendered images. But he still continued to paint the landscape, which now reflected his new fascination with the southwestern landscape. He found that the drama of light and shadow, and the mystery that characterizes the New Mexico landscape held great appeal to him. He recognized that he had found an infinite source of inspiration in the panorama of the southwest landscape.

He taught art at the University of New Mexico for two years after receiving his Master’s Degree. In 1970, he committed his life to painting full time. His work is included in private and public collections across the globe, and he is represented in the collections of many museums, including the Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe; the University Art Museum, Albuquerque; and the Eiteljorg Museum of Western Art in Indianapolis. He has lived in Corrales, New Mexico for over twenty years. His work is included in the May 2006 book titled “Landscapes of New Mexico, Paintings From the Land of Enchantment”, authors Suzan Campbell and Suzanne Deats, published by Fresco Fine Art Publications LLC.

All images via TomPerkinson.com


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  The Laura B – Monhegan Bound!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… Sunset on Mackinac Island!

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[featured artist]: Samantha Buller!

"Hicks Valley" by Samantha Buller
“Hicks Valley” by Samantha Buller [image]
This is a nice painting by Samantha Buller… there is an art (pun intended) to painting a scene that has been simplified to project a specific feeling, kind of like you’re there… without all the hoopla getting in the way. This painting has nice brush strokes, and a composition that keeps your eye in the painting. My favorite part of this painting is the driveway. Love it! I never thought I would like power lines in a painting… until one day I saw Colin Page do a painting, power lines and all… and the power lines MADE the painting over the top good! Great job Samantha!

Samantha is part of a show at Elliot Fouts Gallery (EFGallery.com) through September 26, 2013 – if you’re in the Sacramento, CA area, be sure to stop in and check it out, otherwise check it out online, the gallery has a great website!

Read a blip about Samantha from her website:

Samantha Buller currently lives in Sonoma County after painting and teaching in Kansas for the past two years. She received her BFA in Painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Originally from the Bay Area, her work reflects the beautiful light and modernism that is found in Northern California. Her work has been shown in the Hall of Justice in downtown San Francisco, in business’ and several galleries, as well as on the set of a prime time television show.

She studied a semester abroad in Italy, which has greatly influenced her love and passion for the arts. “Italy was full of rich, golden colors. The culture is truly inspiring for any type of artist and to have the opportunity to paint while standing amongst an Italian sunflower field, should be one experienced by all.”

Her love of color completely drives her work. She is inspired by the art of Wayne Thiebaud for his paint application, color, and composition, as well as the works of Raimonds Staprans for his layering techniques. She chooses to paint simplistic objects to create a clean, strong design, sharing interest with the negative space.

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O N E   Y E A R   A G O…  Delicious Lunch – Slightly North Of Broad (SNOB) Charleston, SC!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O… A Site to Behold!

Image via SamantaBuller.com

Featured Artist… Bob Rohm!

"Afternoon Cloud Break" by Bob Rohm
“Afternoon Cloud Break” by Bob Rohm

This is an amazing piece by artist Bob Rohm. The looseness and the light… love it! I need to have the nice big strokes that he’s got… wow!

BobRohm TexasEvening SWGallery.com
“Texas Evening” by Bob Rohm

This sky is over the top fabulous! The light in the sky is breathtaking! The above painting is at Southwest Art Gallery, just one of the many galleries that Bob is in. Bob paints in oil and pastel and he covers a variety of subjects… this man can paint anything! He’s giving some great workshops, so be sure to check that out!

Read a blip about Bob from his website:

Bob has been painting most of his life, and received classical art training at the York Academy of Arts in Pennsylvania. Now a resident of Texas, his paintings reflect the brilliance of the colors found in the clear, bright light of the southwest.

 Bob juries shows, teaches workshops, lectures and demonstrates in oil and pastel mediums. Known for his ability to capture the poetry of light, he has received many awards and is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, Oil Painters of America and the Outdoor Painters Society.  He is the author of the book THE PAINTERLY APPROACH and has been featured in many publications includingSouthwest Art, American Artist, The Artist’s Magazine, The Pastel Journal, International Artist and Pure Color. Bob’s painting approach has been the subject of several instructional DVD productions and his work is collected internationally and is represented by a number of fine galleries including Michael Henington Gallery in Santa Fe, Aspen Grove Fine Arts in Aspen and Southwest Gallery in Dallas.

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My post from one year ago…   Red’s Eats, Wiscasset, Maine… a great “lobstah” roll!

My post from two years ago…  Artist to watch… Andrea Peters!


Afternoon Cloud Break: BobRohm.com

Texas Evening: Southwest Gallery

Featured Artist… Lorenzo Chavez!

LorenzoChavez AMarchDay MkngbrdGalry

A March Day by Lorenzo Chavez

So many things to love about Lorenzo’s work. In this particular painting, the iciness of the water drew me in, the stark dark line of vegetation in the background was a nice pop and then that oh so awesome shadow line. Absolutely lovely! You must check out Lorenzo’s work, he’s got a great website! I found this particular image on the Mockingbird Gallery website, very nice!

Here’s a blip about Lorenzo from the Mockingbird Gallery website:

Lorenzo Chavez is from New Mexico where he enjoys a connection with the colorful and historic Southwest and its striking landscapes. He studied at the Colorado Institute of Art and the Art Students League of Denver.  Intensive private study of the Impressionists and 19th century American and Russian painters has made him aware of the wonderful possibilities of painting from life.

 Chavez’s work in both pastel and oil is devoted to plein air landscapes with an emphasis on the American West.  His passion for his craft and his visceral connection with whatever landscape surrounds him weave a powerful undercurrent of emotion and accessibility.

 Chavez exhibits in national invitational exhibitions across the country including the Pastel Society of America, Artists of America and Artists of the West, The Northwest Rendezvous Group, Landscapes of the American West and Plein Air Painters of America.  His worked is exhibited in the C.M. Russell Museum, Laguna Art Museum,Gilcrease Museum, Loveland Art Museum,Pasadena Art Museum, Albuquerque Museum Miniatures and the Bradford Brinton MemorialMuseum.  He was invited to exhibit 7 pastels at the 2010 summer Exhibition for the Society ofPastelists in France.

 Chavez’s work is featured in prominent galleries and magazines including Art of the West,Southwest Art, Pastel Journal, Art-Talk andAmerican Artist.  He was cover artist for The Artist’s Magazine.  He is an active member of the Western Rendezvous of Art, California Art Club, American Impressionist Society and the Pastel Society of Spain.

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Featured Artist… Randy Sexton!

RandySexton PeaceHogs RS

“Peace Hogs” by Randy Sexton

I first saw this image on Facebook. Ahhh, Facebook, gotta love it. It’s the most awesome tool when looking for the latest and greatest art. I love how artists are posting their work, its fascinating!

This is amazing on so many levels. I have always admired Randy’s work. I featured Randy back in September 2012, but couldn’t resist another post… this painting is so full of life. No harsh edges, just strokes of genius smattered here and there and TADA… a painting so fabulous that it takes your breath away! There is so much going on, yet not too much detail. The colors and strokes… INTERESTING. There is so much to see you don’t want to look away.

I love that the info about Randy on his WEBSITE isn’t just a bullet list of accomplishments. I never make it through those… I like to hear the story behind the person, why they paint, how they paint, who they studied under, who they look up to, where they live, about their dog, ha ha… anything other than the regular blah blah blah… Randy’s website is very, very nice, I encourage you to check it out! Here’s a little blip about Randy from his website… for more, either check out his website, or click on the September link above to see more info… Here goes…

“A ‘painters’ painter’, Randall is one of the premier contemporary California landscape painters, also paints still-lifes, figures, and portraits with equal mastery…His work evokes deep feelings, whether it’s the solitude of a deserted street at night or the exultation of a beautiful landscape, each speaks softly to the viewer.”
Jean Stern, Executive Director -The Irvine Museum of Art

  • Randall currently teaches at Pixar University
  • Randall was honored with the coveted “Artists’ Choice Award” in Laguna Beach at the 10th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Event held at the Laguna Museum Of Art
  • Randall is proud member of the artist group known as “The Outsiders”

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Featured Artist… Louis Escobedo!

“Alley Way” by Louis Escobedo

This is the sweetest painting… I love it when the underpainting shows through. The times I’ve tried it I’ve completely painted over, ugh. I really like the character it adds to a painting! Don’t you just love the pop of that red roof? And the hints of purple off to the left? As well as the sun and shadows on the porch of the house on the right… This is done by an artist who knows how to paint. Get the paint down and move on…

Here’s a blip about the artist from his website:


Louis Escobedo uses high-intensity colors to energize all of his subjects, landscape, still life and figurative.

” COLOR is a person’s signature, a personal form of expressionism. It is another sense in life we communicate with.”   –  Louis Escobedo

As a master colorist, Louis’ oil paintings excel with their dramatic lighting effects and tremendous depth. He looks beyond the usual physical make-up of the painting subject, to the relationships of its forms and colors, creating a compelling visual map in each painting.

“I’ve never seen anybody else with my colors. I’ve seen people who are colorful, but in a different way.” – Louis Escobedo

Influenced by many 19th century European artists, Louis is most influenced by Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida. It is the famous artist’s bravado and use of color that most impresses Louis. Texas-born, Louis Escobedo has been painting since he was six. He won a small art award in school, and has been pursuing his life¹s calling ever since. With a BFA from Sam Houston University, now many years later, the role of painting in his life has not diminished.

“The most important thing for me, is to paint and observe life .” – Louis Escobedo

His pursuit has not been without numerous successes. Louis’ paintings have received numerous awards, including “Best of Show” and the “Landscape Award” from The Oil Painters of America, a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators in New York and the Top 100 in the National Arts for the Parks. His works have been exhibited at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, Virginia, the Colorado History Museum, the Denver Art Museum, and the Phippen Museum among others.

Louis Escobedo’s work has been published in Best of Portrait Painting, North Light Books – 1988, The Artist’s Magazine, Art Talk, and “Honoring The Inner Voice” in Southwest Art Magazine.

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Featured Artist… Paul Kratter!

“Rugged Coast” by Paul Kratter – Image: Nancy Dodds Gallery

Paul Kratter… he’s another artist on my “to meet one day” list. His work is amazing. The warm colors draw me right in like a magnet. The solitude of the water is amazing. That golden light… ahhhh, golden light, nothing like it. It’s that magic warm color that makes even the palest person look fabulous. All dressing rooms should come equipped with lightbulbs that emulate this fabulous light! I adore the looseness of the rocks, where the light plays with the shadows. Brilliant!

If you get a chance check out Paul’s website, and read about him, he’s sounds like a fascinating guy!

Here’s a blip about Paul from Nancy Dodd’s website (I just automatically like any artist who mentions other artists who they admire, living or deceased, and a mention of their pets… a good guy indeed!):


Paul Kratter was born in San Francisco and raised on the city’s southern Peninsula. He holds a degree is graphic arts from College of San Mateo and a BA in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design. 


I spent my youth either outdoors playing tennis or indoors drawing my favorite athletes and wild animals. My two great passions have always been sports and wildlife. I was fortunate to make a living mainly in advertising, which included a long relationship with the National Football League and various Major League Baseball Clubs.

As time went on, I concentrated solely on wildlife illustration and worked for a variety of zoos and the Nature Company. I illustrated a number of children’s books, including “The Living Rainforest,” which won awards in 2002 Communication Arts Annual. 

Around that time, I became interested in the immediacy and spontaneity of the plein air approach and started painting in the East Bay hills near my home. My style changed almost overnight, although my approach remained intact, and I utilize my solid drawing skills and portray strong graphic shapes. Soon, I had a collection of work and began to show in galleries and join various plein air events.

Painting outdoors has become a passion. I continue to participate in a number of plein air events annually in California. Each has its own unique topography, light and challenges, which forces me to keep my work fresh and loose.

In 2005, I joined a group of fellow artists to paint in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains. We packed in our supplies, hiked to nearly 10,000 feet, and painted the majestic peaks. This has become an annual event.

Painting outdoors is physical. We have to deal with various weather conditions from cold winter mornings to summer heat and glare. Windy days can challenge the best of scenery, but these variables are often exhilarating and force the artist to make decisive brushwork.

The first impression I try to capture is a strong composition. I look to simplify the scene by making bold, graphic shapes. The light and atmosphere are ever changing, and I want to quickly establish a color script. One of the first things I determine is what is going to change the quickest. This is the key area to capture and determine the feel of the painting.

To keep the fresh spontaneous, I usually finish my paintings on location. At times, these works are used as a study for a larger piece, but they can stand on their own as a finished painting.

The bold work of Edgar Payne, Carl Runguis, and William Wendt, along with the atmosphere of Sam Hyde Harris, are huge inspirations to me as I continue to grow in this ever-challenging medium.

My wife Tia, whom I met at Art Center, is an Art Director at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA. We have two grown boys, Joel and Marshall, both artistic and athletic. Orbit is our ever-faithful dog.

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Artist to watch… Greta Van Campen!

Image: DowlingWalsh.com

Hey! It’s not too late! There’s still time to catch this show at the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine! I first saw Greta’s name mentioned while reading Colin Page’s Journal (if you haven’t read it… it’s addictive, this is one VERY talented artist, who shares a wealth of information). Greta’s work is so different. I am impressed. This is one girl with some energy! She has a great WEBSITE and BLOG. She’s in a fabulous gallery, the DOWLING WALSH GALLERY. So if you are fortunate enough to live anywhere in the Rockland vicinity and haven’t seen Greta’s show yet… I would find a way to make it over there…

Here’s a blip about Greta from the Dowling Walsh website:

Greta Paints America

“Over the course of 2011, I plan to visit all 50 of the United States and paint a portrait of America. The act of painting helps me to look more closely and honestly at all that is around. I want to explore contemporary America, while also learning about the history of the land and people in our country. I want to meet individuals from all walks of life and listen to their stories. My goal will be to preserve and share the experience of paying close attention to all that I see and learn by capturing it in paint. A car will serve as my main mode of transportation, but I’ll also be traveling by plane, bus, rail, boat, and foot. I want to begin the project with loose guidelines: one year, 50 states, oil paint, an open and curious mind, and the desire to learn, listen, explore, and look closely. Hopefully, if I hold true to those guidelines, the project will develop organically, leading me to many great discoveries!”

Greta will have a solo exhibition at Dowling Walsh Gallery from Friday, September 30th through Sunday, October 30th, 2011.

One more image… from Dowling Walsh’s website… check them out for more!

Image: DowlingWalsh.com

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Artist to watch… Karen Lawrence!

Image: CityArtGreenville.com

I really enjoy paintings done of interiors. I love to get a glimpse into other peoples homes, it’s kind of like taking a home tour without going anywhere. I appreciate other people’s style and design (well, most of the time!) Karen Lawrence is an artist from Atlanta, GA who primarily does interiors. They’re fantastic. She does paint other subjects, but interiors are what she’s known for. What drew me to this painting was the gorgeous deep dark greens that you see through the window next to the bright light. This painting is entitled SUMMER SUN.

It appears that Karen is in the midst of updating her website (we always appreciate an up-to-date website when we aren’t close enough to pop into a gallery and see the real thing! For now click HERE for a link to see her work. Her original website is http://www.karenlawrenceoils.com – check back in a bit, give her a chance to update! Here’s a blip from the temporary website:

I paint every day in my studio at Tula Art Center in Atlanta. That is, when I’m not out photographing beautiful homes and meeting the people who live in them. I’m intrigued by how people live and the common thread that connects us with our past. I love houses with history and rooms filled with beloved treasures.

The elegance of a curved archway, the drama of tall ceilings and open French doors, the intimacy of an overstuffed chair with a good reading lamp – are all elements of scenes waiting to be painted. For me, the other essential element is light. I’m especially excited by the play of bright sunlight streaking across the floor or warm lamplight drawing one to a comfortable place.

After wrestling with the perspective of a foyer with multiple archways reflected in mirrors or chair legs that don’t want to cooperate with my paintbrush, I relax with the tranquility of a vase of flowers on a table. I find still life very comforting. I love the colors reflecting on shiny surfaces and the freshness of garden flowers backlit by sun pouring in my dining room windows.

My style of painting is a rather loose version of realism. I spent thirteen years developing my style and technique in watercolors. Since 1997, I have been painting almost exclusively in oils.

Karen is in several galleries click HERE for a list from her website… Catch you back here tomorrow!