Featured Artist… Randy Sexton!

RandySexton PeaceHogs RS

“Peace Hogs” by Randy Sexton

I first saw this image on Facebook. Ahhh, Facebook, gotta love it. It’s the most awesome tool when looking for the latest and greatest art. I love how artists are posting their work, its fascinating!

This is amazing on so many levels. I have always admired Randy’s work. I featured Randy back in September 2012, but couldn’t resist another post… this painting is so full of life. No harsh edges, just strokes of genius smattered here and there and TADA… a painting so fabulous that it takes your breath away! There is so much going on, yet not too much detail. The colors and strokes… INTERESTING. There is so much to see you don’t want to look away.

I love that the info about Randy on his WEBSITE isn’t just a bullet list of accomplishments. I never make it through those… I like to hear the story behind the person, why they paint, how they paint, who they studied under, who they look up to, where they live, about their dog, ha ha… anything other than the regular blah blah blah… Randy’s website is very, very nice, I encourage you to check it out! Here’s a little blip about Randy from his website… for more, either check out his website, or click on the September link above to see more info… Here goes…

“A ‘painters’ painter’, Randall is one of the premier contemporary California landscape painters, also paints still-lifes, figures, and portraits with equal mastery…His work evokes deep feelings, whether it’s the solitude of a deserted street at night or the exultation of a beautiful landscape, each speaks softly to the viewer.”
Jean Stern, Executive Director -The Irvine Museum of Art

  • Randall currently teaches at Pixar University
  • Randall was honored with the coveted “Artists’ Choice Award” in Laguna Beach at the 10th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Event held at the Laguna Museum Of Art
  • Randall is proud member of the artist group known as “The Outsiders”

Catch you back here tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Randy Sexton!

  1. Jerry Stocks

    This is such an amazing painting. So glad you introduced me to this artist. You might want to check out Rebecca Davenport who currently has a show at the McKissick in Columbia. She’s my neighbor and an amazing artist.


  2. Hey Jerry! Thanks for the tip! I’m not finding any recent images by Rebecca, do you know if she has any current images? I didn’t find anything on McKissicks website, I did find one on the Charles Street Gallery, let me know if you know of anything else! Boy, websites are important for artists aren’t they? It’s a lot of work to paint, keep the website current, post on Facebook and some even write blogs, now that is dedication, whew!! Thanks again, have a great day, b


    1. Jerry Stocks

      Can’t understand why there isn’t anything on the McKissick website. The show just opened this past Thursday and is called “Step Right Up.” If you want to correspond directly with Rebecca, her email is kicsirebart@gmail.com. She’s great.


  3. Barbara, thank you for your kind words…and continued support.
    I am currently in Tucson, AZ with a great group– teaching a Plein air workshop. Headed to the Hotel Congress today.
    Thanks again! Randy


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