I am officially an adult… Eat for a Better Memory… week 3

Image: Rd.com

The past few weeks we’ve been discussing an article from Reader’s Digest magazine EAT FOR BETTER MEMORY: 7 WAYS TO STAY SHARP (worth the read!), today is week three:

Memory going? Go fish. 

Even canned tuna may sharpen your mental capacities. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, are important for maintaining memory.

Tuna. Yay! Tuna salad, tuna casserole (hee hee, I actually have a fabulous recipe for this believe it or not! Fatty fish such as salmon has so many health benefits. Whenever we go out to eat, if salmon is on the menu, Fred usually orders it. I WISH I could be one of those people to actually like salmon. It smells so fishy, and the few bites I’ve tried at restaurants always tasted/smelled fishy… then I went on vacation while Fred stayed home, worked, took care of the house and dog sat Charlie. While I was gone he was at EarthFare (grocery store) and they had a cooking demo involving salmon. So he bought some. He tried it. He told me how wonderful it was. OH NO I thought to myself. I KNOW I should eat it, but… he was so sweet to work so hard for the almost two weeks I was gone how could I NOT try it? It’s the least I could do. AND I told myself I would choke it down no matter how bad it was. He made it. I made baked potatoes (with Greek yogurt, 2% cheddar, chives, yum!) it was my “just in case” it was all I was going to be able to eat.

I. Like. To. Be. Prepared.

And guess what? I didn’t need to be! The salmon was AWESOME! IT wasn’t fishy in the least. It was fresh wild caught Alaskan coho salmon and it was a treat. I can’t believe I just said that. After I ate it, the first thing I thought to myself… I’m an adult. Ha. I like salmon patties dipped in lots of ketchup, which is disgusting because under any other circumstances ketchup gives me the willies. So sautee a nice piece of fresh salmon if you can find it! Otherwise there really isn’t anything wrong with canned salmon, it makes great salmon patties (mix in an egg, a wedge of lemon squeezed, some onion and a little bit of breadcrumbs. Sautee in olive oil… then dredge in ketchup if you must 🙂 or tuna salad!

Read the rest of the article for the remaining suggestions… I will have more info back here next week!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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