Photo… Lifesaver at Shem Creek Park, Mt. Pleasant, SC

There is nothing better to me than to be able to catch that golden light at sunset… I’m a crazy person snapping pictures, because you never know which ones will be “magic”. How nice to live in a digital era. To be free of buying film, loading film, worrying about running out of film, taking it to get developed, etc. etc… Now trees are saved, no one prints as many photos… you have them if you need them and can print them in the blink of an eye, or send them into cyberspace where they will be printed and mailed to you. Very cool indeed.

I love the golden light on this bright orange lifesaver float. I swear lightbulbs should mimic this light… especially in big stores with lots of lighting… the world would be a happier place! Catch you back here tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Photo… Lifesaver at Shem Creek Park, Mt. Pleasant, SC

  1. I do agree with you about digital photography but sometimes I miss the anticipation of getting prints back from the developers but then again I also remember the disappointment of under and over exposure when I was expecting photgraphic perfection!


    1. Andrew… Ha, ha… I agree, the excitement of opening that envelope is something I do miss, but it’s quite exciting when you pop the SD card in the computer and view the images from there, thrilling when they turn out how you want them to!


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