Photo: Charleston, SC – Turtles in a downtown Charleston fountain…

Another photo I took on Easter while out and about downtown Charleston, SC. Some of the yards are absolutely gorgeous, I got my lens through the gate to get a photo of the fountain and turtles… once I got home I’m not sure if they were real or not, ha ha… I need to go back and if they’re still there I guess I have my answer. I swear they looked real when I snapped this picture? Hmmm. Look at all that beautiful green grass! A rarity for downtown!

Hey… Happy Earth Day… do something green and environmentally friendly (like lose the gas blower and use electricity or rake and sweep… you burn calories at the same time, lots of them, then you get skinny and can eat forbidden foods, hee… at least that’s what I tell myself!)

Catch you back here tomorrow!


One thought on “Photo: Charleston, SC – Turtles in a downtown Charleston fountain…

  1. You captured this perfectly. Let us know if those turtles are living and breathing. LOL! And, FYI, it is a totally proven fact in the annals of those in denial, that you absolutely can eat forbidden foods if you burn some calories. Check it out. ;D


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