Featured Artist… Nancy Colella!

“Glorius Fall” by Nancy Colella

Facebook. It’s an amazing way to discover new artists… I’m thrilled to have found artist Nancy Colella! She’s wonderfully talented. Her paintings are happy… you can tell that she’s studied from some of the greats… such as Charles Sovek, Tim Horn and Colin Page (among others!). Those three are just amazing to me and Nancy has that same ‘amazingness’. You must check out her work, it’s brilliant! Fresh, colorful, different and LOOSE! I love “Glorious Fall” (pictured above), I love the contrast! It really stands out, this painting won Honorable Mention at the Duxbury (MA) Art Association Winter Juried Show! In addition to Nancy’s wonderful website she maintains two blogs, both are fabulous, one is SIMPLY PAINTING, it’s a journal of sorts, including her paintings and wonderful stories as well as great bits of information, I’m thrilled to have found it! Another blog entitled PATIENCE WITH PATIENTS just warms my heart to no end. Here’s Nancy’s description:

A year ago, I was asked if I’d like to give “art” lessons to Alzheimer patients. I am not an art therapist and have no experience with Alzheimer’s patients, but I strongly believe “art” opens doors, in some way, for everyone. I took this on as a challenge and started this blog with the hope that sharing my journey would help care givers and family members use “art” to open new doors of communication. 

Talk about amazing! You can see how her art lessons open doors, lets their creativity rein free… I couldn’t help thinking if I were in their position how much an art lesson would mean to me… it would definitely be the bright spot in the day! I think it’s fabulous that Nancy makes the effort because it clearly makes a difference in so many people’s lives… hmmm, a lesson we can all learn from? What can you do to help make someone’s day/week/month better?

A blip about the artist from her website… “Glorius Fall” by Nancy Colella / Image from artist’s website

About the Artist

Nancy was a painting major at Muskingum College and graduated with a BA in Art Education, then continued her studies at the Aegean School of Fine Arts in Paros, Greece and at the Instituto de Allende in San Miquel Mexico. After a career in the Hospitality business and while raising her two children, she began studying again at Mass College of Art in Boston, MA and at the North River Arts Society in Marshfield Hills, MA. She has studied with numerous contemporary impressionist painters; Charles Sovek, Peggi Kroll Roberts, Ken Auster, Kim English, Colin Page, Carol Marine and Karin Jurick, to name a few. She is a gallery artist and faculty member at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset, MA and a member artist at the Copley Societyin Boston. She exhibits regularly in her gallery/ studio where visitors are welcomed.

One more because I just love it… This painting reminds me so much of Charles Sovek and his wonderful work! (All images from artists website):

Your art is amazing Nancy! Catch you back here tomorrow!

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