Plein Air Painters of the South East… In Charleston, SC THIS week/weekend…

Painting by Anne Blair Brown via PAP-SE website

JUST A REMINDER… the PAP-SE (Plein Air Painters – South East) are in town and have been painting up a storm… their work will be on display at the following locations… Come on down and check it out! I think this is an event not to be missed!

Here’s a blip from the PAP-SE website:

PAP-SE Returns to Charleston

Opening Reception:  June 1st 2012  5-8pm
Show Closing Date:  June 22nd 2012
Show Locations & Participating Artists:
(Bolded = Artist in town and participating)

Galerie on Broad, 29 Broad Street

Dee Beard Dean 
Richard Oversmith 
James Richards 
Lori Putnam
Andre Lucero 
Daine C. May 
Gwen Nagel
Katie Dobson Cundiff 

Hagan Fine Art Gallery and Studio,
 27 1/2 State Street

Karen Hewitt Hagan 
Brett Weaver 
Paula Frizbe
Stuart Roper 
Beverly Ford Evans
Trey Finney 
Bill Davidson 
L. Diane Johnson 

Horton Hayes Fine Art, 30 State Street

Mark Kelvin Horton 
Chris Groves 
Larry Moore
Dawn Whitelaw 
Junko Ono Rothwell
Hodges Soileau 
Richard Christian Nelson 
Kevin Menck

Smith Killian Fine Art, 9 Queen Street

Shannon Smith 
Roger Dale Brown, OPA
Loryn Brazier
Robert Morin Isley 
Scott Boyle 
Anne Blair Brown 
Sue Stewart 
Participating artists will paint on location in the vicinity
of the galleries (Queen Street, State Street, and Broad Street) starting
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 through Friday, June 1, 2012.

Go see!! Catch you back here tomorrow!

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