Its going to be a long day… do you know why?

Charlie at Folly Beach…

Last night at 7:09PM the sun reached the farthest point north of the equator… “Really” you say… ok, in English… IT’S OFFICIALLY SUMMER! 

I grew up in Michigan… so after a long winter and a wet spring IT’S OFFICIALLY SUMMER would have gotten a WOOT WOOT out of me… however, after moving to Charleston, SC in 1989 (just in time for hurricane Hugo, yay (omg, a future post for sure!) and trying to “get used” to the most hot humid air imaginable I no longer say WOOT WOOT… Many of us here dread summer as northern folks dread a long winter. We know we’ll be closed up in our houses for months at a time, unless we can escape to a beach, pool or anywhere with A/C! I’m not complaining, you can’t have it nice all the time or you wouldn’t be able to afford to live there… so we take the good with the bad… as I write this (6/19) look what I see…

Do you realize what that is? It’s an OPEN window in Charleston, SC MID JUNE! To that I say WOOT WOOT!

Today is the longest day of the year… To read some interesting facts about Summer, check out the Almanac’s website… then head out to the pool or the beach…! Enjoy your summer! Hey, speaking of summer and beaches, what good beach books are you reading this summer? Let me know!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Its going to be a long day… do you know why?

  1. Love the longest day with one exception…the days start to get shorter and then shorter. Minnesota is not nice in the winter! Visited Charleston for the first time last April. Fell in love.


  2. too funny… the days getting shorter after today is the part i’m excited about! ha ha… i’m from michigan so i do remember winter, but my winters had snow (back in the old days), so you could cross country ski, etc and always be outside, but it seems like more rain/frozen rain/black snow now… boo to that, no fun to be outside… i’m glad you were able to visit charleston, its a great place for sure! its so beautiful and this year… WE HAD SPRING! it seems that it usually goes from winter (no complaints there either) to summer… and thats our season to be in the house more. although the past few weeks its been warmer in the north, how bizarre is that? crazy weather, keeps you guessing! have a good day kate!


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