Featured Artist… Colin Page!

“Underneath” by Colin Page – Image: DowlingWalsh.com

I’ve featured Colin a few times over the past few years. His work is outstanding, and now… some of his paintings have a new twist. Edgy. I am really liking his new work, I love this painting, how you see “underneath”… its wonderful how he can mix a  traditional painting with some abstractness to come up with something totally unique, that works so well! If you haven’t checked out Colin’s website in the past, I highly encourage you to do so. Colin is an amazing person. He gave a workshop in Charleston, SC this past spring that was a huge hit, everyone loved him, and thought he was a fabulous teacher! Oh! I don’t want to forget to mention his JOURNAL. Full of great information, it’s a “must read” if you love art!

Colin’s show opens at the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine TODAY! The opening reception is from 5-8PM, so if you’re in the area, give his work a peek! You will be thrilled that you did. The Dowling Walsh Gallery is a nice place to hang out and check out some of the best art around. Colin’s show starts today, August 3rd through August 26, 2012. I hope every painting has a red dot!

Look at this piece… (to me) it’s reminiscent of a painting done by Charles Movalli entitled, THE PATRIOT, oh how we loved that painting… if memory serves me correctly it was the stern of a sailboat, and an American flag, those two things I remember… it was big and it was at Bayview Gallery in Camden, ME many years ago. I’ll never forget that piece!

“Angelique” is one classy painting, with the dark hull, the dark water with pops of the sky and the pop of the flag… whoa!

“Angelique” by Colin Page – Image: DowlingWalsh.com

If you’re lucky enough to make it to the show, let me know how you liked it! It’s going to be fabulous! Read more about Colin on the Dowling Walsh website (fabulous website!), so much to read! Catch you back here tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Colin Page!

    1. Jody, have fun on your last day on Monhegan Island… what a place, huh? Are you staying at the Island Inn? If so, if you haven’t had dinner there yet, I highly suggest it… so glad you’ll make it to Colin’s show! Dowling Walsh is a great gallery! Have fun!


  1. This is such a great idea introducing all these artists. I am really enjoying it! I hope some of them do become aware and appreciate what you are doing for them.


  2. Hey Joan! Thanks so much, my husband and I really appreciate art, we run across so many talented artists it’s hard not to share, ha ha… And YES, most of the artists I feature have sent me such nice emails/comments… There are many of them on “our list” to visit to see their work in person. Colin Page is the nicest guy, we met him about 5 years ago and have kept in touch ever since. We have one of his paintings and absolutely love it! It’s been fun finding a new artist to feature, I’m especially picky so sometimes it takes a while and I’ll find a painting I just love and that’s how I pick someone! Ha ha… I try to feature an artist on Mon, Wed and Fri each week. As always I enjoy your blog so much! You have the perfect balance of subject matter! Thanks for commenting!


  3. Priscilla Harrison

    I’m in SanteFe, NM and visiting family who come to Deer Isle, ME every summer. I was exclaiming about you and your art, and so went online to show them. I’ve had a LOVELY morning feasting my eyes on your paintings. Will look for you in Cape Elizabeth at the next CELT event!!


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