Featured Artist: Colin Page! *Solo Show Alert!*

Snug Harbor by Colin Page 30×40″ Oil

Colin Page. A brilliant artist and a damn nice guy. Everyone who knows Colin loves him. He’s got an easy way about him, friendly, full of great information and one heck of an artist. If you’re in Maine, you most likely have seen him painting somewhere at some point. An avid plein air artist, Colin has a way with paint and a style all his own. You can spot one of his paintings from a distance and immediately know that it’s his work. Not easy these days. So many wonderful artists, so to have a style that stands out… well that… speaks volumes! Continue reading “Featured Artist: Colin Page! *Solo Show Alert!*”

Port Clyde, ME near Monhegan Boat Line


This shot was taken on the boat headed to Monhegan Island, Maine. So picturesque, isn’t it? It just takes my breath away every single time! This photo reminds me of a painting by Colin Page. He has probably painted this same area many times… have you seen his work? Whew, amazing! I love his JOURNAL… full of great information…

Daniel Kany recently wrote a review of his Greenhut Gallery show in the Maine Sunday Telegram – a must read! Colin also shows his work here locally in Charleston, SC at the Anglin Smith Gallery at 9 Queen Street. Stop by and see what he’s all about!

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Beep beep beep… I interrupt House Plan Thursday for this important announcement… Colin Page Show…

Colin Page
Colin Page – SPATIAL PERCEPTION / Greenhut Galleries

May 2 – June 1, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 2, 5-7PM

Artist’s Talk: Saturday, May 11 at 1:30PM

Ok… I’m teasing you with only three paintings… Click HERE to see the entire show online… in case you can’t be there… but if you can… GO! I am blown away by the quality of work in this one show. Remember, you have until June 1, 2013 to see the show in person! Look at these paintings… stunners, every single one. Look at that brushwork, those fabulous colors, the composition… wow!

If you are in the Portland, Maine area, stop by the Greenhut Galleries, located on Middle Street. Colin is an immensely talented (and down to earth) award winning artist and his work continues to grow, just when you think it can’t possibly be any better he adds a twist. I love that! Try not to miss the gallery talk scheduled for Saturday, May 11 at 1:30PM. I’ve never had the opportunity to be there in person, but I have listened to Colin online, and he’s FABULOUS! Trust me, you’ll want to be there!

Colin Page

If you can’t make it to the show, check out his website, it’s a good one, and definitely read his Journal… Colin is full of fabulous work, and his thoughts are wonderful to read through… check it out! One more image to entice you…

Colin Page

Here’s a blip about Colin, in case you aren’t familiar! This is from the Greenhut Galleries email of Colin’s show:

Colin Page was raised in Baltimore, MD and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. He transferred to Cooper Union with a concentration in painting. Upon graduation, he lived in New York City for three years where he was an active member in the art community. In search of a more diverse landscape, Page moved to Maine where he has devoted his time to making art and teaching.
Page feels that every painting should be as personal as painting a self-portrait.  His goal  is to capture the spark of excitement that called him to set up his easel whether it is the subject’s vibrant color or the atmospheric space.  Through his paintings, he shares the poetry of experience…..each painting must breathe and have a life of its own.
Page states, “I want to balance moments of specific realism, with more intuitive paint handling.  My paintings are based on the subject I am experiencing, sometimes through direct observation, and sometimes through expressive brushwork and color.  My favorite situation is a painting that has both on the same canvas. “
In addition to making art, Colin Page also teaches a number of very popular painting workshops across the state. He was the 2009 winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Door County Plein Air Festival.

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(All Photos via Colin Page)

Colin Page… Show in Charleston, SC – March 1- 15, 2013

ColinPageShow2013 skfb

Maine artist Colin Page. NICEST GUY EVER. Here. In Charleston… if you’re in the area don’t miss out!

Ooooh, a tease… a hint of things to come! These are some of the paintings that will be at the Smith Killian Gallery March 1- March 15, 2013.

Colin will be in town giving a workshop beginning Friday, March 1- Sunday, March 3, 2013. Make it to the gallery, check out his work, and take a piece home! The opening reception is Friday, March 1, 2013 from 5-8PM.

Here’s a blip about Colin from the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, ME (click on link to read more and to see more paintings):

Colin Page

Colin Page’s 2012 exhibition was highlighted in Maine Home + Design’s April 2012 art issue. To download a copy of the article, click here: “Show Stoppers.”


Colin Page was raised in Baltimore, MD and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. He transferred to Cooper Union with a concentration on painting. Upon graduation he lived in New York City for three years where he was an active member in the art world. In search of a more diverse landscape, Page moved to Maine where he found more time to devote to his art.

Page creates all his work on site and focuses on capturing the atmosphere and light of a scene. He believes through painting he finds moments of beauty in the space around him.

Artist’s Statement

“Through painting, I share unexpected moments of beauty that I find in the space around me. Painting is how I share the poetry of experience. ”

Colin gave an artist talk about his exhibition, “Camden”, at the Camden Public Library in March 2011. Watch the video here: Colin Page Artist Talk 2011.

Colin gave an artist talk about his exhibition in June 2010, which is available to watch here: Colin Page Artist Talk 2010.

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Image via Smith Killian Facebook

8th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival October 20-27, 2012!

“Railroad Crossing” by Colin Page – Image: ColinPagePaintings.com

The 8th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival starts tomorrow, October 20-27, 2012! Click HERE for all the info you need! There are many wonderful artists participating. Artists like Colin Page (above) and Cindy Baron (below). I can’t imagine being the judge amongst all that talent!

“Canyon Overlook” by Cindy Baron – Image: CindyBaron.com

Here’s a little blip about the festival, from the Sedona Plein Air Festival website:

SEDONA PLEIN AIR FESTIVAL is an homage to the spirit and innovation of the great French Impressionists whose paintings were based on the belief that ‘you should trust your eyes’ to capture the beauty that surrounds you. As with the old masters, contemporary plein-air artists paint from life in the out-of-doors (en plein air), capturing moments in time that reflect the ever-changing colors, light and shadows, temperature and shifting elements. The art form requires stamina, focus, and the ability to be completely absorbed in the work regardless of what Mother Nature is throwing at them. There is no setting more perfect than Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in late October to find vibrant, unexpected scenic beauty. It is truly an artist’s paradise.  Thirty award-winning artists, selected from among the best of the best, have accepted invitations to participate in this unique artistic showcase. They are coming from all over the United States to spend eight days painting en plein air, and to share their incredible talent and unique experiences with this challenging art form.

Here are the 2012 participating artists… wish them all luck!

2012 Festival Artists

Larisa Aukon (Arizona)
Mike Bagdonas (California)
Cindy Baron (Rhode Island)
Joshua Been (Colorado)
Gavin Brooks (Maryland)
Aaron Bushnell (Utah)
Betty Carr (Arizona)
Bill Cramer (Arizona)
Linda Dellandre (Arizona)
Tracey Frugoli (Illinois)
Bruce Gomez (Colorado)
Lois Griffel (Arizona)
Hai-Ou Hou (Maryland)
Peggy Immel (New Mexico)
Becky Joy (Arizona)
Shelby Keefe (Wisconsin)
Mike Kowalski (Washington)
Robert Lewis (California)
Tom Lynch (Illinois)
Kath Macaulay (Arizona)
Larry Moore (Florida)
Betsey Nelson (Arizona)
Colin Page (Maine)
Susan Pitcairn (Arizona)
Maggie Renner Hellmann (California)
Dave Santillanes (Colorado)
Loriann Signori (Washington D.C.)
Linda Sherman (Arizona)
Susieheyer (Colorado)
Williamson Tapia (Arizona)
Kathryn Willis (Arizona)

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Featured Artist… Colin Page!

“Underneath” by Colin Page – Image: DowlingWalsh.com

I’ve featured Colin a few times over the past few years. His work is outstanding, and now… some of his paintings have a new twist. Edgy. I am really liking his new work, I love this painting, how you see “underneath”… its wonderful how he can mix a  traditional painting with some abstractness to come up with something totally unique, that works so well! If you haven’t checked out Colin’s website in the past, I highly encourage you to do so. Colin is an amazing person. He gave a workshop in Charleston, SC this past spring that was a huge hit, everyone loved him, and thought he was a fabulous teacher! Oh! I don’t want to forget to mention his JOURNAL. Full of great information, it’s a “must read” if you love art!

Colin’s show opens at the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine TODAY! The opening reception is from 5-8PM, so if you’re in the area, give his work a peek! You will be thrilled that you did. The Dowling Walsh Gallery is a nice place to hang out and check out some of the best art around. Colin’s show starts today, August 3rd through August 26, 2012. I hope every painting has a red dot!

Look at this piece… (to me) it’s reminiscent of a painting done by Charles Movalli entitled, THE PATRIOT, oh how we loved that painting… if memory serves me correctly it was the stern of a sailboat, and an American flag, those two things I remember… it was big and it was at Bayview Gallery in Camden, ME many years ago. I’ll never forget that piece!

“Angelique” is one classy painting, with the dark hull, the dark water with pops of the sky and the pop of the flag… whoa!

“Angelique” by Colin Page – Image: DowlingWalsh.com

If you’re lucky enough to make it to the show, let me know how you liked it! It’s going to be fabulous! Read more about Colin on the Dowling Walsh website (fabulous website!), so much to read! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Betty Anglin Smith “On a Limb” show March 2-16, 2012…

Old Oak by Betty Anglin Smith

Just a reminder to mark it on your calendar… March 2-16, 2012 artist Betty Anglin Smith’s new show opens. Entitled ON A LIMB, this show features exhilarating new work. If you’re in the Charleston, SC area the opening reception is March 2, 2012, from 5-8PM.

From a postcard from Smith Killian Gallery:

Every now and then a seasoned artist needs to reach and stretch and push their work to a new level. It is the exhilaration of going “out on a limb”.

                                                          -Betty Anglin Smith

PS/ a reminder… Colin Page has an upcoming workshop in Charleston, SC through the Smith Killian Gallery… Click HERE to read more about it… or call the gallery.. Catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to watch… TIMOTHY HORN

Image: HornDesign.com

Timothy Horn, a California artist that can paint “normal scenes” such as a street with a stop sign, and make it come to life. Much like Colin Page, where he can paint something I wouldn’t dream of painting and it turns out to be awesome! A true talent. Timothy Horn is a great artist, if you haven’t been to his website lately check it out! Check out the workshops, the many gallery links as well as the available paintings.

This painting is entitled LOOKOUT and is under the RESPINI tab on his website. Here’s a quick explanation – more detail on his website: Since 2003 I have been participating in the annual exhibit “Ranches and Rolling Hills” which is a benefit for the Marin Agricultural Land Trust. As a participant in this show I have access to approximately 40 ranches in Marin. I have visited many of them and painted on maybe a dozen.

If you get a chance, check out Tim’s website… enjoy your day, it’s going to be a beauty!

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Artist to watch… Colin Page!


My husband and I met Colin Page several years ago while we were in Port Clyde, Maine. He was set up not far from Monhegan Boat Line and he was painting the ice cream shop. I still remember that painting, the colors, the composition… wow, all were perfect! Colin is someone who can pull off painting something ordinary like a street with a stop sign and a telephone pole AND make it look stunning! Whenever my husband and I see the white light on the water from the sun or a picturesque intersection, we always say… “ahhhh, a Colin painting!” so true!

Colin was one of the guys in the cottage down from us, in the PAINTAPALOOZA group, (I know I keep saying this will be a future story… I need to do it don’t I?) – it was so exciting to see so much awesome artwork in one house by all these amazing artists!
Colin gets an A+++ for keeping his  website so updated! It cannot be easy to be an artist AND keep up a website, blog, etc. etc. You must check out his website AND his journal. Valuable information. This guy is good. We have a painting of his that we absolutely love, lobster boats and the white light from the sun. Simply amazing!
Colin is in several galleries, we’ve only been to DOWLING  WALSH, very nice! If you’re in Rockland, Maine sometime, check it out!
Don’t forget to take a peak at my photo blog… http://almostdailypic.wordpress.com
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Artist to watch… FRANK GARDNER

"Ben" by artist Frank Gardner


Frank Gardner… many of you have heard his name.

 Great artist, and a nice guy.

You may be familiar with the story where we met Colin Page, an artist in a cottage down the street from the one we were renting in Port Clyde, Maine. Colin invited us to their cottage on the last day to see all the paintings and WOW! I’ll save that story for another post, let me just say… what a group of amazing talent. (Frank was part of the Paintapalooza group of artists, like I said… future post)!

I have spent a great deal of time trying to find the ONE painting to post… all I can say is I can’t pick just one… this painting “Ben” is exquisite, and there are many more so you need to go check out Frank’s website. He’s in several galleries (website has links) and even a local gallery here in Charleston, SC the M Gallery of Fine Art.

Take a peak and see which your favorite is…

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