8th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival October 20-27, 2012!

“Railroad Crossing” by Colin Page – Image: ColinPagePaintings.com

The 8th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival starts tomorrow, October 20-27, 2012! Click HERE for all the info you need! There are many wonderful artists participating. Artists like Colin Page (above) and Cindy Baron (below). I can’t imagine being the judge amongst all that talent!

“Canyon Overlook” by Cindy Baron – Image: CindyBaron.com

Here’s a little blip about the festival, from the Sedona Plein Air Festival website:

SEDONA PLEIN AIR FESTIVAL is an homage to the spirit and innovation of the great French Impressionists whose paintings were based on the belief that ‘you should trust your eyes’ to capture the beauty that surrounds you. As with the old masters, contemporary plein-air artists paint from life in the out-of-doors (en plein air), capturing moments in time that reflect the ever-changing colors, light and shadows, temperature and shifting elements. The art form requires stamina, focus, and the ability to be completely absorbed in the work regardless of what Mother Nature is throwing at them. There is no setting more perfect than Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in late October to find vibrant, unexpected scenic beauty. It is truly an artist’s paradise.  Thirty award-winning artists, selected from among the best of the best, have accepted invitations to participate in this unique artistic showcase. They are coming from all over the United States to spend eight days painting en plein air, and to share their incredible talent and unique experiences with this challenging art form.

Here are the 2012 participating artists… wish them all luck!

2012 Festival Artists

Larisa Aukon (Arizona)
Mike Bagdonas (California)
Cindy Baron (Rhode Island)
Joshua Been (Colorado)
Gavin Brooks (Maryland)
Aaron Bushnell (Utah)
Betty Carr (Arizona)
Bill Cramer (Arizona)
Linda Dellandre (Arizona)
Tracey Frugoli (Illinois)
Bruce Gomez (Colorado)
Lois Griffel (Arizona)
Hai-Ou Hou (Maryland)
Peggy Immel (New Mexico)
Becky Joy (Arizona)
Shelby Keefe (Wisconsin)
Mike Kowalski (Washington)
Robert Lewis (California)
Tom Lynch (Illinois)
Kath Macaulay (Arizona)
Larry Moore (Florida)
Betsey Nelson (Arizona)
Colin Page (Maine)
Susan Pitcairn (Arizona)
Maggie Renner Hellmann (California)
Dave Santillanes (Colorado)
Loriann Signori (Washington D.C.)
Linda Sherman (Arizona)
Susieheyer (Colorado)
Williamson Tapia (Arizona)
Kathryn Willis (Arizona)

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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