Featured Artist… Roger Dale Brown!

“Harbor at Dusk” by Roger Dale Brown

Roger Dale Brown… this is another man who can paint anything! The twinkle of the lights in this painting is pure genius! It drew me right in and made me love it right off the bat! Very, very nice!

“Creekside” by Roger Dale Brown

“Creekside” is a plein air piece that Roger did and I think it has such character. As simple as it is, I LOVE THOSE WINDOWS! The fabulous shade on the sunny building, and in the sunlit grass, so very nice! I think character adds so much to a painting, and lines that aren’t always straight really gives it that character, doesn’t it? I see that Roger does a lot of the plein air events all over the country, check out his website to see when he’ll be near you!

A blip about Roger from his website:

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee Roger is avid about traveling studying, teaching, and competing in national painting competitions.  These experiences expand his knowledge of history, nature, and architecture, which inspire his oil paintings. 

 Roger believes, as the historical master artists, such as John Carlson and Edgar Payne, that “plein air” painting is an essential element in being a great artist.  He spends countless hours studying and painting on location, to continue to perfect seeing important nuances of a scene, a day, or an object, which are necessary in creating a great painting. Roger works hard to balance the emotion of a scene, with the knowledge of painting, in every painting he paints.

Roger’s oil paintings have been displayed in galleries throughout the United States and have won many awards which include: First Place in the Barnes and Farms National Juried Art Show, Museum Purchase Award and third place at the Easton Plein Air Competition, Best of Show at the Central South National Juried Show, as well as the Gold Medal Award from the Hudson Valley Art Association.  His work has also been accepted in the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition, and Salon International. Roger has been published by: International Artist Magazine, American Artist Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine, and the Artist Magazine. His works are owned by private collectors across the country and include many well-known celebrities and major corporations.

 Roger shares his knowledge teaching workshops throughout the country. He believes in capturing the essence of his subjects and instills this in his students whether teaching plein air, figurative, studio or still life.

Fabulous work! His work has that step-back-in-time feel to it, how wonderful! Catch you back here tomorrow!

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