WHAT are these? Bought these stamps at the Post Office via the do it yourself machine…

Some people like pretty stamps, and others just get the basic “Forever” stamp. I’m in the pretty stamp group. Especially if I’m sending a card to someone, I like to choose a pretty stamp instead of the basic “Forever” stamp, (good for bills, or mailings that aren’t personal). We went to the Post Office on a weekend, Fred ran in to purchase a book of stamps from the machine. He came out with the flag stamps you see above. I thought something had gone screwy with their machine. There are numbers all over the stamps and they’re… well… ugly. So I ran inside and tried it… basically the same result. Flowers instead of flags.

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember when there was no such thing as “generic”. Then the grocery stores started carrying a few “generic” items, packaged in bright white. I think these stamps look GENERIC!

I created the “pretty” flower stamps. Humph! They come in sheets of 10 ($4.50). So beware, if you like pretty stamps, stand in line and go to the Post Office on a weekday! These look like something someone printed in their basement… but they work, I hope!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “WHAT are these? Bought these stamps at the Post Office via the do it yourself machine…

  1. I’m so glad I found this. I sent my daugther to purchase stamps also. She being a teeanger refused to wait on line and purchased the same stamps from the vending machine I was afraid to use them until I saw your post. They are plain. I’m more of the pretty stamp variety too.


    1. Rona, your comment made me laugh… I felt the same way you did! My husband bought stamps from the machine on a weekend when the inside was closed… when he came back with those plain looking stamps I told him it looked like someone printed them in their basement! They are real, just not real pretty 😉 Have a great weekend, barbara


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