Featured Artist… Jane Barton!

“Pit Stop” by Jane Barton

I think this is an incredible painting. Obviously the white box with the word “NEXT” that you see on the image is the only way I could retrieve it. It’s not part of the painting… ha ha. I love the colors, textures and light in the foreground, and the looseness of the background. The car and the people… fabulous. Such a cool old car with the light hitting it oh-so-perfectly! Very nice. And I have to say… I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the license plate… that little blip of orange, WHOA! This piece was one of the juried pieces in the American Impressionist Society (AIS) Exhibition. Very nice work by Jane… check out her work!

Here’s a blip about the artist from her website:

After twenty-five years as a nationally recognized graphic designer, illustrator and portrait artist, Jane Barton is the recipient of numerous national awards. Originally from Chicago, where she studied at the American Academy of Art, Jane holds a B.A. from Boston University. In 1997, after writing her thesis entitled, “Drawn West: Illustrators Who Became Fine Artists,” which included personal interviews with the Tucson Seven and 11 other renowned artists across the country, Jane earned a Master of Art degree from the School of Visual Arts at Syracuse University. Ironically, 3 years later, she, too, joined the ranks of former illustrators who became fine artists. Jane studied plein air painting with such masters as Skip Whitcomb, Matt Smith and Ned Jacobs. She paints on site in both oils and water colors, using these paintings as the basis of larger, studio work. Jane also makes time to teach painting to enthusiastic students of all ages.

Inspired by the Sonoran desert of her home in Arizona, as well as her world travels, Jane enjoys exploring the patterns of light and color she sees in extreme close up as well as distant views of a subject. Her choice of subject is very immediate, whether it is a flower that blooms for only one day in the desert or the colors of a market she is standing in half way across the world. Continuing the legacy of 19th and early 20th century artists of the American West, Jane is intent on preserving the beauty of a changing, vanishing world.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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