I think I’ve found where I want to live… finally!

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I think I’ve found the place I want to live… Charleston, SC is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s picturesque, has lots of history, is filled with artists and galleries… but it’s hot. OH. SO. VERY. HOT. During the long summers we like to dream about places that we’ll move to that will be nice and chilly! I have finally found that magical place! It’s right here in this image. Snow (not the black icky icy/slushy stuff on the side of the road), nice deep snow, perfect for cross country skiing, or sledding. Big, beautiful “Christmas trees” everywhere with snow on the branches and lights in the trees! A church steeple would be nice too. I want to build a snowman, and walk with Fred and Charlie through the freshly fallen snow.

RRRRRRRTTTTTT! I know, that’s not how life is in the ‘snow’. I’m from Michigan, so I understand what you’re thinking. But I’ve been in South Carolina for 23 years, so my memory of the pain-in-the-heiny part of snow and driving is more of a distant memory. Yep, this is where I want to live if we ever move… and if this doesn’t work out… maybe Whoville??

Whoville seuss.wikia.com

Where is your dream place to live? Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “I think I’ve found where I want to live… finally!

  1. Sandy Eames

    Hi, I’m responding to this post, unusual for me, because you’re describing where I live in Woodstock, Vermont. It’s considered by many as one of the prettiest villages. I’ve followed your blog for several months now, after finding it mentioned on Colin Pages journal. I am continually amazed at how similar our interests are. It seems, at times, like we’re leading parallel lives. I’m sitting here with my beloved ‘beast’, a 5 year old female JRT while the snow is piling up outside and looking so lovely. I’ve attached a couple of photos, the aforementioned beast and our home covered in a mantle of white. As a painter myself I look forward to your blog.



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