Wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day… even if you aren’t one!

HappyMothersDay Villapenna.com

[Image: Villapenna.com]

Wishing all you Mother’s out there a very happy Mother’s Day! You’re the best… I’m sure a lot of sacrifices are made, but its all worth it, right?

I would like to say THANK GOD for my mom, Sheila, and for Fred’s mom, Bobbie. Fred and I couldn’t have hand picked better moms. No chance. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. We love them more than anything… we are very blessed and we know that.

Now for those of you who aren’t yet a mother, or cannot be a mother.  I get it.  I understand. I know how you feel. Motherhood clearly isn’t in the cards for everyone. I wish it was, but it’s not. So, be positive, move forward, spend time with a niece or nephew, neighborhood kid or volunteering where so many kids need a positive influence in their lives. And… more important… don’t worry if you can’t be positive quite yet. It took me a long time…

…and hey, I’m the best darn dog mom you’ve ever seen… he he…. (Charlie when we first got him in 2009)

Charlie 11 27 2009

Believe me when I say… dog moms make lots of sacrifices too! (Caught in the act! Note empty toilet paper roll… nice Charlie… couldn’t have paper on a roll for two years!)

I swear tile is creamy white… not sure why it appears tan… eeeek.


E N J O Y   T H E   D A Y  ! !

Love you moms!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day… even if you aren’t one!

  1. Thank you, Barbara; what a nice post for the day! And may you have an “interesting” day with that dog! Naughty but guess he grew out of it…our 12 year old dog is now eating books; guess she’s become a glue sniffer.


    1. Ha ha, thanks Kate… oh no… I hope Charlie doesn’t eat books when he gets older… although he still eats paper towels, napkins, dirt, rocks, pretty much everything… sigh… YOU can probably hear me say DROP IT!!! ha ha… have a great day!


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