Featured Artist… Josh Clare!


White by Josh Clare / Image: Josh Clare Facebook

WHAAAT?!!! Are you kidding me? Josh Clare… artist. A young artist with incredible talent. Each and every painting is so fresh, there is a clearness to his paintings (if that makes sense?). They are so pure. The combination of the light hitting the white barn, the color of the mountains and that perfect green in the trees behind the barn is so perfect. The colors are gorgeous. The subject matter, clear and focused without being tight… there is such a fine line between being focused and being tight. (I’m not poo-pooing artists who paint realistically, it is just a different painting style, obviously, meant to be realistic)! A definite pat on the back is in order for whoever maintains Josh’s website, very nice!

Read more about Joshua Clare from his website:

Born in 1982 and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, Josh has been interested in art ever since he can remember; but it was when his fifth-grade teacher sincerely complimented him on an art project that he became an artist. He says concerning that defining moment, “a large part of being good at something is believing your good at it—and I’ve believed in myself ever since.”

Josh graduated in 2007 from BYU-Idaho with a BFA in Illustration and immediately began to sell his work in galleries. He currently resides in Queen Creek, AZ with his wife Cambree and their son, Nathan.


“Behold, all these are kingdoms, and any man who hath seen any or the least of these hath seen God moving in his majesty and power. I say unto you, he hath seen him; nevertheless, he who came unto his own was not comprehended” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:47-48).

There is no artist greater than God, and no beauty more perfect than His creations—His art; to see any, even the least of them, is to see God himself, “moving in His majesty and power.” There have been times in my life when I have done more than merely look—times when I’ve seen. Those moments are sacred and precious to me, and I desire to share them. I want to see more clearly, I want to comprehend more fully—and I want to help others do the same. That’s why I paint.

My aim as an artist is not to redefine beauty—no one can do that—but to discover for myself, through the Spirit of Truth, those eternal laws that govern it, and obey them.

If I am anything good, if there is anything in my art that is good—it’s because of and thanks to God. As often as I forget it, I know that I am nothing of myself, and I’m deeply grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed me to be an artist.

Peruse Josh’s website… Read his blog and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

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