Monhegan Island, Maine – Wickedly Creative!

Monhegan Island, ME

Monhegan Island, Maine. A diverse and wickedly creative place! Even the clothes on the line are bright like the beautiful flowers! A magical place on earth!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Monhegan Island, Maine – Wickedly Creative!

  1. A very interesting post because of the variety of images in the photo. Have you been there in the winter? I wonder if it is just as magical a time for you then as it is in the summer?


    1. No Kate, have not been there in the winter… the Island Inn is closed (as is most everything else)… We love fall in Maine!! The photographs in winter are beyond magical!!


    1. Hey Susan! The fairy houses are so enchanting aren’t they?? I love Cathedral Woods!! Due to sequestration… we canceled our trip this year. Which will make the next time we visit that much more special, right?! We usually meet up with the same neat group of people each year… that’s what is so cool about that island!!


  2. Bobo

    I love this one, I remember the clotheslines….I want a clothesline again! It is a magical island..and I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks know who I mean. Talk soon lv ma


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